Excursies in Dubrovnik

Excursies in Dubrovnik tijdens een cruise op de Middellandse Zee

Dubrovnik heuveltop panorama en privé tour van de Oude Stad

vanaf €59 per persoon

This private shore excursion combines two of the most visited locations in Dubrovnik. Attractive sky terrace at the top of the hill Srđ where the Cable Car drives the guest to take most stuning photographs of the Old Town and a private guided tour of the Old Town.

The excursion starts at Dubrovnik port Gruž (new port) or Old Town port (old port) depending on where your cruise ship will dock. The english speaking driver and english or spanish speaking guide will pick you up.

From the 413 meters high hilltop you will get a magnificent panoramic overview of the blue horizon, neighboring islands and the walled Old Town. After a photo shoot and optional short coffee break the tour continues to the very hart of the Old Town for a private guided tour.

At the end of the guided tour you can optionally take a walk around the Old Town walls.

At the end of the tour and in agreement with the driver, we bring you back to the cruise port.

PRIVÉ - Dubrovnik panorama en rondleiding door de oude stad

vanaf €60 per persoon

Deze privé cruise excursie bied je de unieke kans om oude binnenstad van Dubrovnik te verkennen. Je krijgt een prachtig panoramisch overzicht en kan genieten van een begeleide wandeling langs de gezellige en geplaveide straatjes van het historische centrum.

De excursie begint bij cruisehaven Gruž (nieuwe haven) of bij de haven van de oude stad,  afhankelijk van waar je cruiseschip zal aanmeren. De Engels sprekende chauffeur en gids zal je daar opwachten.

Eerst maak je een panoramische rit langs de heuvels van Dubrovnik en stop je voor een spectaculair uitzicht waar je een aantal geweldige foto's van de stad kan maken. Van hieruit zie je de ommuurde oude stad met zijn karakteristieke rode dakpannen die contrasteren met het heldere blauwe water van de Adriatische Zee.

Daarna gaat het verder naar de oude stad, waar je een rondleiding krijgt en tal van bezienswaardigheden van de "Parel van de Adriatische Zee" te zien zal krijgen.

Na de rondleiding kan je optioneel een wandeling op de oude stadsmuren maken. Indien gewenst word je terug naar de haven gebracht.

Indien je wil brengen wij je terug naar de cruisehaven

PRIVÉ - Dubrovnik panorama, de oude stad en de Konavle Vallei

vanaf €70 per persoon

Deze privé 5 uur durende excursie geeft je niet alleen een unieke kans om Dubrovnik te verkennen, maar ook de schilderachtige vallei van Konavle ten zuiden van de stad. Ze is prachtig gelegen tussen de bergen en de zee.

De excursie begint bij cruisehaven Gruž (nieuwe haven) of bij de haven van de oude stad,  afhankelijk van waar je cruiseschip zal aanmeren. De Engels sprekende chauffeur en gids zal je daar opwachten.

De dag begint met een panoramische rit rond Dubrovnik. Op deze manier kan je genieten van een spectaculair uitzicht over de versterkte oude stad en de prachtige natuur in de omgeving. Je maakt een stop zodat je een ​​aantal fantastische foto’s kan maken van de stad, de Adriatische Zee en haar eilanden.
Vervolgens neemt de gids je mee naar het hart van de oude stad voor een wandeling langs de kleine kronkelende straatjes en steegjes waarbij je de belangrijkste bezienswaardigheden zal zien. Wie wil kan een optionele wandeling over de oude stadsmuren maken.

Na een bezoek aan het historische centrum van Dubrovnik gaat de tocht verder naar de vallei van Konavle. Het is een smalle vruchtbare strook land die helemaal uitstrekt tot aan de grens met het naburige Montenegro. Deze trip biedt een spectaculair uitzicht over de diepe valleien met vele cipressen, de vruchtbare gronden en de graan-en watermolens langsheen de rivier.

Na de excursie word je terug naar de cruisehaven gebracht

Easy ride: Konavle regio

vanaf €156 per persoon

A motorcycle tour is an excellent way to see Dubrovnik and the surrounding areas. The adventure starts with your guide meeting you. He or she will provide instructions on riding the motorcycle. You will be riding a Yamaha XVS950A motorcycle.

After the instructions are given, you will start a once in a lifetime journey around Dubrovnik. You will see villages and hamlets. A camera is a must when touring this beautiful town.

While cruising around Dubrovnik, you will see one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. In the Konavle region, you will visit an old mill and learn more about the production of olive oil while tasting some of the local specialties. This unique experience will surely be one of the most exciting moments of your life!

Ending Location: at the end of the tour you will be returned to your cruise ship.

Gulliver easy ride: de Veiled Riviera

vanaf €166 per persoon

Dubrovačko Primorje stretches in the north-western territory of the southernmost Croatian city of Dubrovnik. The motorcycle venture starts in Dubrovnik and takes you to the village of Orašac and continues up the hill to the villages of Ljubač and Gromača.

Secluded roads of Dubrovnik hinterland take you through picturesque villages that you pass by on your motorcycles. After the short break, the bike caravan continues to the sleepy villages of Mrčevo, Majkovi, Mravinca and Smokovljani, from where it gets back to the main motorway just by the medieval town of Ston and starts back to Dubrovnik.

Out-of-the-way roads and veiled quaint hamlets and villages of Dubrovnik littoral guarantee the unique and unforgettable experience.

Wandeltocht: drie tunnels

vanaf €85 per persoon

This tour will take you to the countryside. Your hike will start in the magnificent village of Kuna in the hilly part of Konavle. The adventure will begin on an old Austro-Hungarian track and then continue downhill to the village of Mihanici situated beneath mount Sniježnica.

The hike will continue on a rocky path along the Konavle fields and lead to the village of Mihanici. Walk through the route to the old railway line and end your tour at one of the best restaurants which is located in the former train station.

Starting location: you guide will meet you at Port Gruž in Dubrovnik. Ending location: at the end of the tour, you will be taken back to Port Gruz.

Dubrovnik Panorama en stadstour

vanaf €278 per unit

“Those who seek paradise on earth “George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “Should come to Dubrovnik”. Things have not changed much over the years. Time has stood still in Dubrovnik and it is still paradise to those who visit.

After you leave the port, your tour will head to the Old City. There is a lot to see in the old city. Your walking tour will begin at the Pile gate. One stop of the tour is the Dominican Monastery, which features an amazing collection of paintings. The highlight of the museum is a masterpiece by Titian.

During the tour, you will be able to view the Sponza Palace known for its courtyard, Onofriou’s Fountain, the Church of Saint Blaise, St. Savour Church, and Rector’s Palace. These are just a few of the highlights you will see while in Dubrovnik.

Starting Point: the cruise kicks off at Dubrovnik’s Port Gruz. Ending Point: the cruise ends at Dubrovnik’s Port Gruz.

Panoramisch Konavle

vanaf €283 per persoon

The panoramic tour of Konavle does not require a lot of walking. This tour of Konavle allows visitors to see one of the most beautiful regions in Europe at their own pace. Dubrovnik was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town has a long history and has survived several wars. In Dubrovnik, you will meet many friendly local people and have the opportunity to test some of the region’s best foods.

The city is full of charm and character. That is what sets it apart and the town will live on in your memories for years to come. After leaving the cruise terminal, you will take an hour drive through the Konavle Region and end up at the watermill. There a local will talk to the group about traditional flour making. Enjoy a welcome with local brandy in front of the old water mill and a sampling of local foods.

Starting Point: the cruise begins at Port Gruz. This makes in convenient for anyone visiting Dubrovnik. Ending Point: after the tour of Konavle, you will be taken back to the cruise terminal.

Wandeling op de berg Srd

vanaf €65 per persoon

Majestic and breathtaking, Srdj hill is 512 meters above the sea and offers a magnificent view of Dubrovnik.  Atop of Srdj you will find Fort Imperial with its stout, defiant, walls standing ever since Napoleon's soldiers built the fort in 1812. Nowadays Fort Imperial supports a TV tower, a sight as if a space rocket is standing on the hill preparing to shoot for the sky.

Srdj can be reached on foot, by car, and by taking the cable car that runs from Dubrovnik to Srdj and back. Srdj hill provides outstanding sights of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic and sometimes on a clear day you can even see as far as Italy. Fort Imperial is home to the The Croatian War of Independence Museum, a coffee bar, and the cable cart station.

Your motor coach will take you to "Ilijina Glavica" which is where your hike begins. Along the way several photo opportunities will take your breath away. After your reach the summit of the mountain, you will return to the bottom with a cable car ride.

This tour is one that you don’t want to miss. It is affordable and something that most cruisers miss. Book your Srdj tour today before it is too late.

Starting location: the tour bus will pick you up at Port Gruž. Ending location: after the tour you will be returned to the cruise terminal.