Sicilian Cheese and Wine tasting in Palermo

Sicilian Cheese and Wine tasting in Palermo

You will taste and sample native Sicilian cheeses and wines in a historical setting

If you don't have the time or you don't want to travel too far away from Palermo to taste some typical Sicilian wine or cheese, than this tour is just perfect for you.

The meeting point for this tour is Piazza San Domenico, not so far away from the cruise port of Palermo. If you are on a cruise to Palermo, it's quite easy to walk there. You can choose the time you prefer, schedule on request.

A 16th century private building on walking distance from the historical open-air market Vucciria will be the setting for you immersion in the authentic Sicilian cheeses and wines.

You will taste different wines such as Frappato, Nero d'avola, Grillo, Grecanico,... all served with fine "bruschettes". The cheeses come with a tasty mixed salad and typical black bread from Castelvetrano or Monreale. Names as Primo Sale, Ricotta infornata, Vastedda del Belice, ... will have no more secrets for you after this tour.

And of course you can't leave Palermo before enjoying the delicious Sicilian sweets which will be fried on the spot, served with the classical sweet wine Zibibbo.

After the tasting, you can continue discovering the historical heart of Palermo.


  • Try different typical Sicilian wines and cheeses without traveling too far away from Palermo
  • Taste the delicious sweets and classical Zibibbo wine
  • Enjoy the 16th historical setting near the Arab market Vucciria
  • Starting time on request as well


  • Tasting of different great wines and cheeses of Sicily
  • side dishes such as bruchettes, black bread and mixed salad
  • Typical Sicilian sweets and Zibibbo

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  • Transfer from and to the cruise port of Palermo

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  • Departure time: 10.00 AM (recommended), or corresponding with your cruise schedule. You can choose the departure time upon booking

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v.a. € 88,00

You can choose the departure time

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    v.a. € 88,00


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The meeting point for this tour is Piazza San Domenico, starting time on request.