What to do in Izmir

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It is only since 1922 that the town got its name 'Izmir'. Previously it was called Smyrna and the origin goes back to the 11th century BC. The city has a very eventful, but also violent past. Izmir had different rulers and was many times destroyed.

Unfortunately most historic buildings didn't survive recent plunderings and the city burn of September 1922. Fate hit again when the former Smyrna in 1928 was hit again by a major earthquake.

Today Izmir develops into a modern city trying to cherish its historical roots. It's a lively place where you can taste the real Turkish life on the streets.

Practical info

To be honest. Izmir itself is not exactly the highlight of your cruise. Most passengers opt for an excursion to Ephesus. To explore the city of Izmir and its highlights count on 2-3 hours.

It's an ideal city to taste the Asian-Turkish atmosphere and you can go shopping in the bazaar.

Highlights in Izmir

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