Highlights in Istanbul

Highlights in Istanbul during a Mediterranean cruise

Grand Bazaar

  • one of the largest covered markets in the world
  • 58 streets, 1200 shops and 400 000 visitors per day
  • dating from the 16th century

Egyptian Spice Bazaar

  • the oldest covered market in the city
  • thousands of herbs
  • located next to the Yeni Mosque

Topkapi palace

  • palace and residence of the Ottoman sultan in Istanbul
  • consists from four different courts
  • also used as museum

Hagia Sophia

  • cathedral and mosque with unique architectural features
  • one of the most beautiful buildings in the world
  • used also as museum

Taksim Meydani

  • large central square at the end of Istiklal Caddesi
  • important place for demonstrations
  • popular shopping area
  • with large Cumhuriyet Aniti statue (11 meters high)

Blue Mosque

  • Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque) from 1609
  • one of the main sights of Istanbul
  • Designed by the Ottoman architect Mehmet Aga Sedefhar
  • surrounded by six minarets