Cruise ports of Turkey

During a cruise vacation to Turkey you can taste popular dishes like kebab, you can spend hours shopping in the bazaars and enjoy the bustling street life. The Turkish cruise ports are located in the Eastern Mediterranean and are guaranteed for a fascinating and well-filled excursion program. The most popular cruise destinations in the Mediterranean are:



Official language: Turkish
Other spoken languages​​: French, English

Three words to remember:

  • Hello = "Merhaba"
  • Thanks = "Teşekkürler"
  • Goodbye = "Elveda"




Currency: New Turkish Lira

Symbol: ₤, YTL₤, YTL₤, YTL₤, YTL ₤, YTL

Value: ₤1 = ₤100 kurus

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Opening hours


Most shops are open from:

  •      Monday to Saturday
  •      from 9.30h - 19.00h

On Sundays and holidays shops are closed. Of course there are exceptions


Handy information


In Turkey it's very common to bargain, of course, in all fairness.