Train from La Goulette (Tunis) to Tunis

A fast and efficient way to get from the cruise port to the center of Tunis is by train. Depending on where you dock you can take a train from Goullete Vielle or Le Bac train station. The train ride to Tunis Marine station takes about 15 minutes and costs TND 0.50 per person. Trains run every 5-15 minutes. From Tunis Marine station (at the end of the Avenue Habib Bourguiba) you can walk into the center (600 meters) or you can take a metro. It's good to consult the train timetable in advance.

How do I get to the train station from the cruise port in La Goulette?

Le Bac train station is located across the parking lot opposite the exit of the modern cruise terminal. Goulette Vielle train station is situated a little further from the cruise terminal northeast of the docking area.

15 kilometer
15 minuten
TND0,50 per persoon
4-12 per uur

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