What to do in Vigo

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Vigo is a smaller and less touristic city in Spain where you can fully enjoy the real Spanish life. There is a small but very charming historic center. Throughout history there are not to many events to mention, except the Battle of Vigo where the Dutch and the English conquered the Spaniards in 1702. During World War II Vigo was also a harbor for the German U-boats. Today is all about the harbor and fishing. Vigo is the largest fishing port in Europe, so no better place to taste some fresh fish. Southwest of the city you'll find some beautiful sandy beaches.

Practical info

The historic center of Vigo is small and compact. It's located on walking distance from the cruise port so you can perfectly discover the city on foot. Count on 2 to 3 hours to complete your visit. You can also first make an excursion to Santiago De Compostela and visit Vigo quickly on your way back.

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