What to do in Menorca (Mahon)

Visit Menorca (Mahon) during your cruise vacation

Mahon finally became a part of Spain in 1802, but previously had different rulers. Already in the 3rd century BC it became an important strategic location in the Mediterranean. The long and deep natural harbor made the city hard to take. This made the island of Menorca very popular. Romans, Byzantines and Arabs lived there. From the 18th century the British ruled over the island and the city. Mahon replaced Ciutadella as capital.

Today, the various influences can still be found in the architecture and highlights from the historical city, but the British left the biggest traces. Many buildings were restored by using tourism revenues. Nowadays it's nice to stroll around in this city which was ever hard fought for.

Practical info

Mahon is not so big and exploring the city only takes a few hours. You can also first visit Ciutadella on the other side of the island and explore Mahon on the way back.

Highlights in Menorca (Mahon)