What to do in Malaga

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Malaga is the biggest city on the Costa del Sol, on the south coast of Spain. It's a typical port city where you can experience the authentic Andalusian atmosphere. Surrounded by the 'Hills of Axarquia', the city enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate and it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors.

There is plenty of discussion about the origin of Malaga, but it's certain that it was popular during history. Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, Teutons, Visigoths, and Moors ruled the town.

Today several of the highlights still remind us of this rich history. Even Napoleon Bonaparte was briefly ruler of this city. It was the birthplace of Pablo Picasso as well. After his death, the Museo Picasso was created, together with his heirs.

In the historical center of the town there is a nice walk along the different monuments and squares. You can taste tapas, sangria, and fresh fish. Even for those who want to take it easy, there are beautiful beaches.

In August, the whole town is in a festive mood. During the Feria de Malaga the city celebrates for 10 days and nights and there are musical performances, bullfights, and other cultural activities.

Practical info

To visit this beautiful city you will certainly need at least half a day. Some cruise passengers first opt for an excursion to Granada or Ronda. If there is time left you can still walk around in Malaga on the way back.

Highlights in Malaga

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