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La Coruna (in Spanish) is pronounced A Coruna in Galician. It's a city with a rich and eventful past. Several times it was besieged and attacked due to its strategic and geographical location along the Atlantic Coast. The harbour was expanded under the reign of Julius Caesar during Roman Times and the city was called Brigantium that time. The lighthouse Torre de Hercules which you can still visit today dates back to the Roman Times. During the Golden Age of Spain La Coruna flourished and played an important role in the trade of herbs and spices from the New World. Today, La Coruna a very pleasant city that has much to offer. Beautiful beaches, a beautiful coastline, historic center and a fascinating cultural agenda.

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If you choose to stay in La Coruna and not to go to Santiago De Compostela count on at least a half a day to explore the city. Most sights can easily be reached on foot from the cruise port. There is also an extensive network of public transport.

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