What to do in Gibraltar

Visit Gibraltar during your cruise vacation

A shopping paradise for shopping lovers, with a VAT free jurisdiction Gibraltar is one of the the best place for them.

Here you can find famous fashion brands, buy tobacco and spirits and see how artisan manipulate the crystal to make beautiful objects.

That is not all, in Gibraltar you can visit the impressive Rock, more than 400 meters high, from where you will have a spectacular view. After a 7 minutes trip in a cable car you´ll be at the top of the mountain, and ready to experience the most stunning views you´ve ever had.

The cable car is located at the South  just at the end of Main Street,  next to the Alameda botanical gardens, there you can buy a ticket.
From the top you will see 2 continents, 3 countries, and the meeting point of two large seas, all this in one day, one place and one trip.

A group of macaques will give you a warm welcome and pose for you, so you´ll have not only beautiful pictures of the Gibraltar scenery but also funny pictures of these curious and agile animals. Don´t forget that they are just wild animals living free, so please don´t touch them.

On the rock there is a nature protected area that you can visit by paying an entrance; once you are there you will see the Moorish Castle, Ape’s Den and you can also visit the St. Michael´s cave, a good preserved cave equipped with ropes and light.

Highlights in Gibraltar