The cruise port of Vigo

Docking in the cruise port of Vigo

The cruise port of Vigo, your starting point for great excursions

Cruise ships in Vigo dock really close to the city center. The cruise terminal is located at the Puerto De Transatlanticos, from where you have everything within walking distance. Right in front of the small and older cruise terminal you will find a big new shopping center with lots of facilities. From there you have easy access to the city center. Also the train station is not far away if you plan to make an excursion outside Vigo.

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Cruise to Vigo

During a cruise vacation to Spain, Vigo is sometimes on the program. This relatively small historic city is nicely located along the Atlantic Ocean. Vigo is especially popular due to the possible excursions to Santiago De Compostela

Vigo cruise terminal

The city of Vigo has invested a lot in hosting cruise passengers. In front of the older cruise terminal building is now a new and modern shopping mall offering all kinds of services. Nearby is also a Tourist Office.

Vigo cruise facts

Language in Vigo
The language in Vigo is Spanish, but on touristic spots you can also use English.

Currency in Vigo
The currency in Vigo is Euro (€). You can find ATM’s along the city.

Opening times in Vigo
Opening times differ a lot around Spain, but generally are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday
  • from 9.30h - 14.00h
  • and from 17.00h - 20.00h

On Sundays and holidays shops are closed. Of course there are exceptions

Landmarks and highlights in Vigo

Castro fortress
Built to protect the city from attacks. It's dating back to 1665 and was built by engineer Colonel Fernando de Gourannanbergue.

Cathedral of Santa Maria de Vigo
Co-Cathedral from 1811 built by Melchor de Prado and Mariño. It's situated in Vigo's old town

Casco Vello
Casco Vello is the historic center of Vigo with lots of shops and seafood restaurants. It provides beautiful views over the city

Museum of Contemporary Art
Art museum in Vigo. It dates from the 19th century and hosts exhibitions of contemporary art

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Getting around in Vigo

The cruise port of Vigo is close to the historic center. You can reach everything on foot. If you want to make an excursion outside the city by train, it's about 20 minutes walk to the train station. You can also take a taxi.

Shore excursions around Vigo

Vigo is not so big and there are not too much highlights, but the historic city center is defenitely worth a visit. A lot of cruise passengers opt for an excursion to Santiago De Compostela. If you want to go on your own better take a train from Vigo to Santiago De Compostela. Alternatively you can also go by taxi.

Weather in Vigo

Vigo has a warm oceanic climate with dry summers and humid winters. The average annual temperature in Vigo in summer is between 22°C and 27°C and in winter is between 5°C and 9°C.

Excursions in Santiago De Compostela

Excursions in Vigo

Vigo tourist information

The main Tourist Office is located opposite the cruise port. It can be closed during siesta. If so there is also a smaller one at the Marina next to the cruise terminal.

Cruises to Vigo

The following cruise lines offer itineraries and schedules to and from Vigo: