By foot from Valencia to Valencia (city)

If you dock at the cruise and ferry terminal in Valencia, it's easy to leave the port on foot. Close to the terminal you can find transport to the city center. If you dock more far away in the industrial area of the port, it is not recommended to walk. It's far too busy and dangerous. In most cases you will be brought to the cruise and ferry terminal by shuttle bus. The port is located about 5 km from the city center, so walking is only possible if you have sufficient time.

TIP: If you like to walk, and you have enough time, then walk along the dry Turia River bed. This is completely transformed into a city park, with rest areas, recreation, hiking and biking trails. You automatically pass along the modern "City of Arts and Sciences", one of the highlights of Valencia.

5 kilometer
50-70 minuten
bepaal je zelf

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