Transportation from the port of Cadiz


Train from Cadiz to Sevilla

€13,25 per person
1 per hour
110 minutes

At Cadiz train station you can catch a train to Sevilla. Trains run frequent almost every hour. The trip to Sevilla takes just under 2 hours for €13,25 per person one-way. A roundtrip costs €23,50 per person. If you go to Sevilla by train better get off in San Bernardo train station which is much closer to Sevilla historic city center, then the main station Santa Justa. A better option is by bus to Sevilla.

How do I get to the train station from the cruise port in Cadiz?

Cadiz train station is located at Plaza Sevilla, just a short walk away from your cruise ship. Leave the docking area and cross the big roundabout at Plaza Sevilla. Down at the parking lot you will see the Cadiz train station. You can buy tickets at the ticket counter or at the ticket machines inside the station. Please note that the ticket machines are only for short distances. For long distance go to the counter. Better check the train timetable from Cadiz to Sevilla in advance.

Public bus

Public bus from Cadiz to Sevilla

€12.75 per person
1 every 2 hours
100 minutes

A bus to Sevilla from Cadiz is a good option. It’s relatively fast (about 1 hour 40 minutes one-way) and cheap (€12,75 per person one-way). They run every 2 hours. In Sevilla get off at the San Sebastian bus station.This is on walking distance from the historic center.

How do I get to the bus terminal from Cadiz cruise port?

Cadiz bus station is located in front of the train station, just across the street from the docking area exit. Down at the parking lot near the roundabout of Plaza Sevilla you will see the bus terminal. By the time we checked, the bus station office was located in some white containers close to the bus stop. Better check the bus timetable from Cadiz to Sevilla before you go.


Taxi from Cadiz to Sevilla

€230 per taxi
very high
80-90 min

Sevilla is located at about 125 km from Cadiz. It is possible to cover this by taxi. Count on about € 230-250 per taxi (4 persons, return fare, 4 hours waiting time included). Depending on traffic, it takes about 80 to 90 minutes. You can take a taxi near the cruise port.