Public bus

Public bus from La Coruna to Santiago De Compostela

Buses to Santiago De Compostela run frequently almost every hour, except on Public holidays when the morning service is poor. You pay between €6 per person one-way for the bus ride which will take around 1 hour. Ceck the timetable of the bus from La Coruna to Santiago De Compostela before you go.

When you exit the bus in Santiago De Compostela, you will find yourself in a big hangar. Go upstairs to the arrival hall. Then to the left where you find the big exit sign (Saida). Right in front of the exit you find the bus stop. Take bus nr. 5 to Plaze de Galicia (normally 5 stops). It brings you there in a couple of minutes for just over €1 per person one-way. From Plaza de Galicia follow the signs for the Tourist Information Office right into the center of Santiago de Compostela.

How to get to the bus terminal from La Coruna cruise port?

The bus terminal of La Coruna is located about 1,5 kilometers from the cruise terminal. If you don’t want to walk there take the local bus nr. 1A. It will take you there in just a few minutes for less than €2 per person one-way. You can find the nr. 1A bus stop just across the street at the exit of the cruise terminal.

60 minutes
€6 per person
1 per hour

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