By foot from Palma de Mallorca to Palma de Mallorca (city)

If you dock at the Estacio Maritima it's about 6 km walk to the center of the city. When you leave the dock turn right and follow the Avinguda de Gabriel Roca. It runs along the expansive marina on your right. After 50 minutes you can see the cathedral La Seu on your left. This is located in the center of Palma.

If you dock in the industrial area of the port, count on a 8 kilometer walk. When leaving your cruise ship, stay close to the seaside on your right and follow the Carrera de L'Arsenal. When you exit the gate of the Estacion de Porto Pi, turn right. At the roundabout go right again. Follow the Avinguda de Gabriel Roca into the center of town.

6-8 kilometer
50-75 minuten
bepaal je zelf

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