Excursions in Palma de Mallorca

Excursions in Palma de Mallorca during a Mediterranean cruise

1-hour boat trip in Palma de Mallorca

from €12 per person

This boat trip in Palma de Mallorca takes about 1 hour, and during the boat trip you can enjoy panoramic views of the fisherman's wharf, the yacht club and the promenade. Aboard the typical boat with space for 80 passengers, you will zip in and out of the harbour and various quays, giving you a completely unique perspective of the port and a close up view of the luxury yachts, fishing boats and cruise ships.

When you leave the harbour, you'll go further round the port where you will have splendid views of some of Palma de Mallorca most elegant landmarks such as the fortress of San Carlos Castle right by the sea, the Bellver Castle reigning atop its hill, and the naval base where the King of Spain has his own yacht.

We save the the most magnificent view for last when we sail right to the other end of the port from where we share with you the iconic view of the majestic Palma Cathedral and the Almudaina Palace.

Afterwards we will drop you back in the harbour and you will leave us with a lot of photos in your camera and a smile on your face after this great boat trip in Palma de Mallorca bay.

Tour to Soller and La Calobra including boat, tram, train and bus

from €68 per person

Are you ready to join the most popular tour in Mallorca? This tour will take us through the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range to enjoy a unique experience travelling in a 100 years old wooden train, a ride around the valley of Soller by tram, a marvellous boat trip enjoying the beauty of Mallorca´s coast and a drive through the mountain area.

The tour starts in the cruise port of Palma de Mallorca at the cruise area at Estacion maritima number 2 at around 9:00 and the excursion has different parts:

A 45 minutes train trip on the Soller old wooden train that will take us from Soller to the outskirts of Palma (or viceversa)

Ever since 1912 the Sóller railway has been running a daily train service along the 27.3 km route between Palma de Mallorca and Sóller, without interruption. On this tour you will have the opportunitty to travel back in time and to feel how it was to travel on a train before. An experience that you will always remember, and a great chance to see the beautiful landscape on the route: old manor houses, cultivation terraces, olive trees, 13 tunnels, almond trees and much more.

A 25 minutes tram trip in the valley of Soller that will take us from Puerto Soller to Soller (or viceversa)

On 4th October of 1913 Mallorca’s first electric tram line was inaugurated, running between Sóller and the Port of Sóller. The same tram will be taking you around the valley of Soller passing the village, the orange orchards and the only natural harbour in the West coast.

A 40 minutes boat trip around the west coast of Mallorca that will take us from La Calobra to Puerto Soller (or viceversa)

You dont realise how beautiful the island is until you do a boat trip and you see the rough and impressive west coast with its cliffs, coves, caves, watchtowers... and even sometimes we see dolphins!

A drive by bus around the mountain area where we will enjoy the most spectacular road you can find in Mallorca: the road to La Calobra

Get ready to enjoy a road built in 1932 that "goes from nowhere to nowhere" with impressive views, this is the road that goes to La Calobra. But no less spectacular is the road that takes us there passing some beautiful spots like the monastery of Lluc, villages like Caimari and many viewpoints.

This is a full day tour, and during all the tour there will be a guide with you to make sure you always know what we are doing and to provide you some information about the places we pass.

There will be free time (about 90 minutes) in La Calobra where you can go for a stroll to see the Stream of Pareis, to have lunch or to swim at one of the coves.

Palma Aquarium tour

from €42 per person

Discover the marine world’s best kept secrets by embarking on a wonderful adventure through our marine park featuring more than 8000 animals of 700 different species and more than 5 million litres of salt water.

This tour starts in front of the Auditorium of Palma de Mallorca and will take us to the Plma Aquarium situated in the resort of Arenal where you will have about 4 hours of free time to enjoy. If you are on a cruise to Mallorca, it's easy to go to the Auditorium on your own. You can walk there (about 3 kilometers) or take public bus nr.1

The Mediterranean area

The Mediterranean has been the cradle of thousand-year-old civilizations which have influenced, and continue to influence, the development of many societies and cultures. We pay tribute to this rich and diverse sea at the Palma Aquarium with 25 aquariums which are home to some of the most representative of its species. From the delicate star fishes, lobsters and slipper lobsters; to wrasses, groupers, prawns and shrimps; and from crabs, weaver fish, eels, and rays, to seahorses and octopuses; as well as many other creatures which all in all make up the largest Mediterranean exhibition in the world.

The jungle

Have you ever been in a roof garden? Enjoy this new experience by visiting ours, which also happens to be the largest roof garden in Spain. We have used this wonderful area of the park to recreate a tropical rainforest of the Amazon basin. It is the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer’s day thanks to the high level of humidity in the air which can bring your body temperature down by a couple of degrees. You will feel especially refreshed when you reach our amazing waterfall, a spectacular cascade of water measuring 7 metres high, and a very popular spot for having your picture taken.

The tropical sea

Welcome to the greatest collection of live coral in Europe, a world full of colour. The tropical seas are justifiably famous for their diversity of species, bright coloured fish and beautiful coral landscapes. Visit the 24 aquariums which we have dedicated to the flora and fauna of the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans and spot the world renowned clown fish. Be surprised by the uniqueness of the creatures, like the comet tail fish or the surgeon fish; and beware of the black widow tetra; but above all, be prepared to be awed by the coral. Palma Aquarium is a global leader in coral reproduction and not only are all the corals in our tanks real, some of them were born here.

The Big Blue

Spectacular, immense, vibrant, overwhelming; it’s difficult to put into words. Some of our visitors describe it quite simply as marvellous… Indeed all these words will come to mind when you find yourself faced with The Big Blue, the deepest shark tank in Europe, at 8.5 metres deep. Those lucky enough to have entered the tank, say that the dive is absolutely breathtaking. For those who stay on the other side of the glass, it is mesmerising to watch the ebb and flow of the water and the great imposing presence of the sharks as they swim across the tank, obviously much calmer than they are often made out to be.

The Mediterranean gardens

The Mediterranean has a lot more to offer than the sea, and the Palma Aquarium’s gardens, which span approximately 40,000 metres squared, reflect just that. Take some time to relax and have a wander through our gardens where you will be able to get to know some of the most beautiful examples of flora and fauna found on the coasts. Featuring aromatic plants, olive trees, vines, a stingray tank, Koi fish and much, much more!

Put your feet up while the little ones burn off some steam in the playground before continuing with your visit. Remember, Palma Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in Europe.

Catamaran tour

from €57 per person

Come with us to enjoy a catamaran tour around the bay of Palma with lunch and swimming stops included in the price. It's a great way to discover Mallorca's coast while relaxing on board or swim in the blue waters.

This tour starts in front of the Auditorium of Palma de Mallorca at 08:45. If you are on a cruise to Mallorca, it's easy to go there on your own. You can walk there (about 3 kilometers) or take public bus nr.1

On this 5 hours catamaran tour we will sail around the bay of Palma de Mallorca discovering the coast and some beautiful spots we have in the area. We always include two stops for swimming in beautiful coves so the clients can enjoy the beauty of Mallorca.

On the catamaran you can relax in the area with shade or you can lie on the nets and get some tan while you enjoy the route and views.

Lunch is included in the excursion together with drinks so you dont need to bring any food with you. On the catamaran there are toilets and a bar area.

Tour to the Caves of Drach and Porto Cristo

from €41 per person

Let us take you to visit the Eighth wonder of the World, the Caves of Drach, and combine it with a visit to the small fishing village of Porto Cristo. See and learn about the two most important economic activities in Mallorca: pearls and olive wood.

The tour starts at the cruise port of Palma de Mallorca at Estacion maritima number 2 at 09:00 or picking up at hotels in resort. The guide will welcome you there. This fascinating tour will take us to the East Area where we have a few plans for you:

One of the most visited Caves in the World: the Caves of Drach

The Caves of Drach opened in 1929 and since then are one of the main tourist attractions in Mallorca. The visit takes about 90 minutes and you will never forget it. The visit also includes a music concert at the Lake Martel where the acoustics are amazing. But there is more: the lake Martel is one of the biggest underground lakes in the World, and there is the option of a small boat trip across the lake.

The small fishing village of Porto Cristo

We will stop at this small and cosy place, and you will have free time because there are many things to do in Porto Cristo. You can go for a nice lunch, you can go for a stroll around the marina or you can go to the 800 meters sandy beach to swim or sunbathe.

Learn about the local industry

We will stop at a pearl factory so you can learn about this important economic activity in Mallorca and see how the produce the different articles, and of course, if you want you can do your shopping.

This is a full day tour, and during all the tour there will be a guide with you to make sure you always know what we are doing and to provide you some information about the places we pass.

Caving with local expert guide and transfer included

from €59 per person

Come experience the dark side of the island!!

This is a classic outdoor activity but with a real Mallorcan twist. Don´t miss out on the Diamond room where our guides will show you this natural phenomenon where the rocks glisten like rows of diamonds. You don't need to have done caving or potholing before as these vertical cave systems are a perfect introduction to the underground world of caving. 

Our experienced instructors will safely lead you through these subterranean landscapes as you crawl and scramble through the underground cave system.

Duration Tour without Transfer: 3 Hours

Climbing with local expert guide and transfer included

from €59 per person

Climbing in Mallorca is world class and an ideal activity for all.

Mallorca is blessed with incredible rock climbing, all in stunning locations. Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced rock fiend, let Experience Mallorca take you to the right crags and routes for you.

There are many crags around Palma and Valldemossa which are easily accessed however we recommend you take a guide to avoid missing the best spots and getting the most out of your climbs.

Mallorca’s best known crags in the south are:
Sa Gubia - the largest crag in Mallorca due to the amount of routes available and its height, which enables lots multi-pitch Climbs.
Fraguel - which has the the largest amount of high graded climbing routes available here in mallorca and attracts a lot of European climbers.

Duration Tour without Transfer: 3 Hours

Coasteering with local expert guide and transfer included

from €59 per person

Amazing action packed activity for the ultimate wet and wild day out! A brand new adventure for everybody holidaying in Mallorca.
Combining adventure swimming, cliffjumping, zipline and rock climbing.

Our instructors will lead you on an exhilarating journey along some of the islands coastlin.
Why not escape your package holiday swimming pool and experience some real wild water!

Duration Tour without Transfer: 3 Hours

Guided walk in Palma 3 hours + 1 hour boat trip

from €114 per person

We start the guided walk at the town hall square where we will admire its square, one of the landmarks of the city. From there, we will walk to the monumental area where we will find the Cathedral and the Almudaina Palace, two of the most important venues in Palma de Mallorca.

During the different stops, our guide will explain you what you see so you can understand better how the city of Palma de Mallorca is, and the relation beetween the city and the places we pass during the guided walk.

Our next stop are the old walls of Palma from where we can admire a panoramic view of the Bay with the port, the resorts situated nearby and the Bellver Casttle amongs other important monuments.

The tour will finish with an hour boat trip around the Bay of Palma during which you can enjoy unique views of the beautiful city of Palma from the sea, as well as having an exclusive tour of the prestigious port of Palma.

Private Guided walk in Palma de Mallorca old town

from €139 per unit

We start the guided walk at the town hall square and will walk to the monumental area. There we will find the Cathedral and the Almudaina Palace, two of the most important venues in Palma de Mallorca.

During the different stops, our guide will explain you what you see so you can understand better how the city of Palma de Mallorca is, and the relation beetween the city and the places we pass during the guided walk.

After that, it will be time to stroll around the narrow streets of the old town so we can discover charming squares, patios from the 16th century and hidden gems such as the Convent of Santa Clara or the Arab Baths.  The guided walk will also take us around the area that was the Jewish Quarter during the 16th Century, and a perfect chance to learn a bit more about this culture and the relation with Mallorca.

Our last part of the guided walk will take us to see some modernism buildings and to learn how the “art noveau” came to Mallorca on some beautiful buildings.

Palma Old Town Guided Bicycle Tour (Optionally with tapas!)

from €35 per person

Do you want to get to know Palma in a different way? With this bicycle guided tour you will be able to do it! You will ride over the most important monuments and buildings of the city, all of its hidden corners as well as its paths, avenues and ramblas.

The ride will begin at the port. From this point we will ride through the must visits of the city:

Cathedral of Mallorca: The “Catedral de Mallorca” (translated into Majorcan as La Seu) is a Levantic gothic temple, built at the shore of the Palma de Mallorca bay above the city rampart. It is the cathedral with the biggest gothic rose window worldwide.

Lonja of Palma: The Fish Market in Palma de Mallorca (translated into Majorcan as Sa Llotja) is one of the most representative Majorcan gothic buildings.

Almudaina Royal Palace: La Almudaina is the Royal Palace or Royal Alcázar of the city. It is the place used by the King and Queen of Spain as their official residence for ceremonies and receptions when they are in Palma.

Plaza Mayor: The Plaza Mayor de Palma is located in the city centre close to other important monuments as the Iglesia San Miguel, the Iglesia Santa Eulalia or the Teatro Principal. Until 1823 the square was the Inquisition headquarters, and was later replaced by the monastery of San Felipe Neri.

Rambla of Palma: It consists of a pedestrian walkway, where there are many stands in which you can find all kind of flowers and plants.

Paseo del Born: It is a walk which links the Plaza de Juan Carlos I and the Plaza de la Reina. Formerly called Paseo de la Princesa, in honour of princess Isabel II, who started ruling in 1833, year in which the refurbishment of the walk began.

Private Tour: Caves of Drach and Porto Cristo

from €428 per unit

This tour will take us to visit the most famous caves of Mallorca: the Caves of Drach situated in the East Area of Mallorca. The visit to the caves takes about 90 minutes and it also includes the option to do a short boat trip around Martel Lake that it is considered to be one of the biggest underground lakes in Europe.

The tour starts in the cruise port of Palma de Mallorca

The tour also includes a stop in Porto Cristo, a small fishing village where we will enjoy the views. We also include a stop at the Majorica pearl factory where the clients will have a detailed explanation about the process of producing pearls and if they want they can do some shopping.

Sea Caving with local expert guide and transfer included

from €59 per person

Sea caving is the perfect way to cool off out of the sun with friends and family.  Cova de Coloms is one of the only sea caves that you can swim into here in Mallorca, whilst you don’t have to go under the water it is the only way to venture into this magical cave.

After a short swim into the cave we go deep underground, where your experienced guide will lead you through this maze like structure and underground lakes to the heart of this caving adventure.

Duration Tour without Transfer: 3-4 Hours

4 or 8 Hour Luxury Powerboat Trip with Lunch & Drinks

from €695 per unit

Luxury Half & Full Day Powerboat Trips - Exclusive Charter for Family & Friends

Mallorca Boat Tours specialise in half and full day luxury open-deck powerboat tours from Palma. Leave your cruise ship for a breath-taking trip along Mallorca's beautiful southern coastline - you can choose to head out west towards Andratx or east towards the white sands of Es Trenc. 

Your boat for the trip is the incredible AXOPAR 37ST - named as "Powerboat of the Year" 2016. It features stacks of deck space for sunbathing and chilling, as well as seating with tables and shade for lunch and drinks. There's a small cabin with toilet and double bed, an on-deck shower, water toys, snorkel gear, and all the necessary safety kit. All in all the perfect day boat for fun in the sun.

Discover Mallorca's hidden beaches and coves, swim in turquoise seas, snorkel in crystal clear waters, drink chilled Cava and dine on a delicious tapas picnic lunch.

Everything is included in the price: a professional skipper, fuel, taxes, tapas lunch and free bar drinks (only on the 8 hour excursion), soft drinks, snacks, use of towels, snorkel gear and fun towable water donut. 



Torrente Pareis with local expert guide and transfer included

from €75 per person

Mallorca is famous for trekking and with the mountains now a world heritage site it is attracting even more walkers than before. Whilst trekking is an experience many are happy to do alone to understand mallorca we recommend taking a guide not only to save time but also so you can share the history of this fantastic island and take it home with you.

Torrent de Pareis is a famous landmark in Mallorca, not only is it home to one of Europes leading canyons it also boasts some of the best Gorge walking available in the Balearic Islands.

Our qualified instructors will tour this famous canyon alongside you it is not recommended to do this walk without a guide. They will teach scrambling techniques, share their knowledge of fawn and flora but most importantly take those special pictures as proof that you were there.

Duration of hike total: 4-6 hours

Distance: ca. 12 km

Difficulty: **** (difficult)

Min. of 2 People!

Special price for big groups!

Tour: Valley of Soller and Valldemossa

from €28 per person

On this excursion we will discover the Serra de Tramuntana: Mallorca's spectacular mountain range and UNESCO World Heritage Site. What's more, we will be focussing on two of the most picturesque villages in The Serra de Tramuntana.

Our first stop in this excursion will be Puerto Soller, the Serra de Tramuntana's only natural port. Here we have free time to take a walk to the Santa Catalina viewpoint, which offers wonderful views of the port, or we can take a walk along the seashore, visit the harbour to compare the fabulous yachts with the local fishing boats, or we can simple relax at one of the seafront cafes and enjoy the ambience of Puerto Soller.

We will then drive over this spectacular mountain range, bordering the coast, and enjoy some of Mallorca's most unique scenic views. We will pass gorgeous villages such as Deia and Llucalcari, during which time our guide will share some of the local history and will show you why such celebrities and artists as Michael Douglas, Robert Graves and the archduke of Austria Louis Salvador fell in love with this part of the island.

Our last stop is at one of the most special and beautiful villages of Mallorca: Valldemossa, famous for its dramatic Carthusian Monastery and dramatic setting. Here you will have free time to stroll around the old, narrow streets, sit in one of the typical cafes in the square and soak up the atmosphere, or visit Costa Nord or the Carthusian Monastery.

Visit Palma de Mallorca - half day tour

from €20 per person

Experience the best way to discover Palma de Mallorca and its port. This tour picks up from hotels in the southern area and it is a great option at value for money to know the capital of Mallorca.

Once we get to Palma we will do sightseeing tour and drive up to the Bellver Castle from where we have amazing views overlooking the Bay of Palma de Mallorca. During the tour the guide will be explaining the most relevant places we pass, this tour is very similar to the one offered by the hop on- hop off bus.

Then we will drop you off close to the old town area, stopping in front of the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca and our guide will take you on a 45 minutes guided tour in the old town, to get to know the area, the situation of the main buildings and a bit of the history of the city.

Then, you will have free time, and here our guide will have some recommendations for your free time in Palma such as:

  • In Palma you can visit the beautiful old town with its charming squares, the nobility town-houses and some important historical buildings such as the cathedral, the town hall or the Almudaina Palace which is the official residence of the Spanish king in Mallorca.
  • You can also explore the shopping area because Palma de Mallorca is a shopping paradise with plenty of shops for all budgets. From luxurious shops to big departments stores, including international brands, local gastronomy shops and much more.
  • You can visit the Cathedral.

You will also receive a welcome drink and tapa at one of the bars in the Plaza -mayor, the biggest square in Palma, and situated conveniently by the old town area and the shopping area.

After the free time, we will take you back to the cruise, or if you prefer you could stay in Palma and get a taxi to go back to the cruise or the hotel, so your time is flexible.