Highlights in Gibraltar

Highlights in Gibraltar during a Mediterranean cruise


  • Wild animals living on a free space.
  • You can take picture of them.
  • Don´t bring food to this place, they can smell it and try to steal it.
  • Please don´t feed them and don´t touch them.

Shopping street

Gibraltar is a VAT free jurisdiction so shopping is a good idea for fashion lovers.

The Casemates Square  is located at the north area at the beginning of the Main street .

There you’ll find local artisan shops and the Gibraltar Crystal Factory, where you can watch the glass blowers at work.

At the main street de shopping lovers can find perfume shops, fashion brands and all that you need.

Moorish Castle

  • Now also known as the “Tower of Homage”, it is located inside the nature reserve.
  • You can enter showing the nature reserve´s ticket.


St Michael's Cave

  • It is located inside the Nature Reserve.
  • You can go with car, taxi, cable car or just walking.
  • This cave has a natural state and for your convenience it is equipped with ropes and light .
  • Bring comfortable, non-slip shoes.

Upper Rock Nature Reserve

  • It is a protected area located on the upper half of the rock.
  • There you will find other tourist attractions like St. Michael´s cave, Ape’s Den, Mediterranean Steps and the Moorish Castle.
  • You can enter by first buying a ticket
  • You can also access from the Jew’s Gate, Moorish Castle, and the Cable car.

Cable car

  • It is a fantastic trip to more than 400 meters above the sea level
  • From this place people get stunning panoramic views
  • It is open 7 days a week from 09:30 to 17:15
  • The price for a cable car ticket goes between 26.00 euro (adult) and 13.00 euro (children) single & return.
  • If you want to visit the nature reserve, we recommend you to buy a cable car&reserve´s ticket