Transportation from the port of Gibraltar

Shuttle bus

Shuttle bus from the cruise port to the city center of Gibraltar

€2 per person
2 - 3 per hour
5 - 10 minutes

If your cruise ship offers a shuttle bus it will most probably drop you at the Waterfront Casemates gates, which is just a short walk away from your ship.

Most cruise companies charge a small fee of about €2 per person one-way.

Taking a shuttle bus is only necessary if you are in a hurry or if it will bring you to a place of interest more far away such as the cable car station.


Taxi from the cruise port to the city center of Gibraltar

Up to you
5 - 10 minutes

You can find taxis close to the cruise terminal and in the city center.

Gibraltar is very small and actually you have everything on walking distance.

Hiring a taxi is cheap and can be interesting if you want to drive up Gibraltar Rock or if you want to go to Spain.

If you consider the last option, check your visa requirements in advance!


Walk from the cruise port to the city center of Gibraltar

Up to you
30 minutes

It’s very easy to walk from Gibraltar cruise port into town.

You dock about 1,5 kilometer away from the city center.

Walk out of the docking area and just go straight and follow North Mole Road. You will immediately see the green side of Gibraltar Rock in front of you.

At the roundabout, with a small statue in the middle, continue straight.

At the next roundabout continue walking on Waterport Road.

When you arrive at the Waterfront Casemates enter the gates on your left. Here you are in the city center.

On the Casemates Square you find the Tourist Office. Across the square is the Main Street, a shopping street with bars and restaurants.