Train from Cadiz to El Puerto de Santa Maria

From the train station in Cadiz you can take a train to El Puerto de Santa Maria. There's a train almost every hour. For a 30 minute ride you will pay €3 per person (one way). It's good to check the train timetable from Cadiz to El Puerto de Santa Maria before you go.

How do I get to the train station from the cruise port in Cadiz?

Cadiz train station is located at Plaza Sevilla, just a short walk away from your cruise ship. Leave the docking area and cross the big roundabout at Plaza Sevilla. Down at the parking lot you will see the Cadiz train station. You can buy tickets at the ticket counter or at the ticket machines inside the station. Please note that the ticket machines are only for short distances. For long distance go to the counter.

30 minutes
€3 per person
1 per hour