Transportation from the port of Bilbao

Shuttle bus

Shuttle bus from the cruise port to the city center of Bilbao

€12-15 per person
30 minutes
30 minutes

A shuttle bus is an affordable way to get to the city center. The cruise company usually provides shuttle bus service to Bilbao. The buses will take you to Plaza Moyua in just 30 minutes. From the plaza you can walk to the Guggenheim Museum in 10 minutes and the Old Town in 20 minutes. The shuttle bus should run you 12€ per person for a round trip.


Taxi from the cruise port to the city center of Bilbao

€20-30 per taxi
up to you
25 minutes

Taxis in Spain are safe and allow you to reach Bilbao faster. Taxis will be waiting outside of the pier. One-way fare from the terminal to Bilbao is €20-30 (4 persons). The ride will take about 25 minutes.


Subway from the cruise port to the city center of Bilbao

€2 per person
10-15 minutes
20 minutes

The most cost-effective way to go to Bilbao centre from the Bilbao cruise port is by metro. Neguri metro station is about 20 minutes walking (1,5 kilometer) away from your cruise ship. It’s a pleasant walk on a nice promenade along the pier and some monumental houses.

How do I get to the metro station from the cruise port in Bilbao (Getxo)?

Once you disembarked, leave the cruise terminal (small building) area. In front of you is a small Marina. Go to the left. At the roundabout turn right and follow the pier into the center of Getxo. You pass the Getxo Aquarium on your right. On your left you see some monumental houses and a small obelisk. At the roundabout go up to the left. Again you reach a small roundabout. Go straight (in the street of the gas station) After a few minutes you reach Neguri metro station on your right.

Take a metro to Moyua which is the same square as where the shuttle buses arrive. You will only pay about €2 per person one-way. You will want to use the “Ercilla Guggenheim” exit. The second right (Alameda Recalde) will take you to the Guggenheim Museum. A tourist office is located there.