By foot from Barcelona to Barcelona (city)

Whether you are docked at Moll Adossat or Terminal Barcelona Sud, it's easy to walk to the center of Barcelona. If you dock at Moll Adossat (Terminals A, B, C and D) you first have to cross Porta d'Europa.This bridge connects the cruise port with the city. Down at the roundabout turn right. You will also pass the cruise terminal Barcelona Sud near Torre de Jaume I. A little further to the left you can already see the Christopher Columbus Monument. From there you can walk up north to the Ramblas, one of the most famous streets in Barcelona.

TIP: From Porta d'Europa, the bridge at the cruise terminal, you can take beautiful pictures of your cruise ship.

If you dock at Terminal Barcelona Sud you are a little closer to the city center. If you leave the cruise terminal, cross the parking lot. On your right stands the Torre de Jaume I, a pillar halfway the funicular to Montjuic. Go right to the Christopher Columbus Monument. From there you can explore the rest of the city.

0,5-1,5 kilometer
5-15 minuten
bepaal je zelf

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