The cruise port of Almeria

Docking in the cruise port of Almeria

The cruise port of Almeria, your starting point for great excursions

The port of Almeria is very busy. It is located in the center of the city. Moroccans use the terminal to cross from Almeria to Morocco in the summer.

Cruise ships in Almeria dock at Muelle de Levante, which is just one kilometer from the city center. It’s a relatively small port, with a Marina and ferry terminal.

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Cruise to Almeria

During a cruise vacation to Spain, you may find Almeria on the itinerary. Almeria is the capital of the Spanish province with the same name. Over the course of time, the city was occupied by the Phoenicans, followed by the Carthagians, the Romans and the Moors. Almeria offers sandy beaches, great nature and much more.

Almeria cruise terminal


Latitude: 36° 49' 59" N
Longitude: 2° 28' 0" W

Almeria cruise facts

Language in Almeria
The official language is Spanish and everyone is required to learn it in school.

Currency in Almeria
The official currency of Spain in the Euro (€). There are many ATM’s in the city.

Opening times in Almeria
Opening times differ a lot around Spain, but generally are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday
  • from 9.30h - 14.00h
  • and from 17.00h - 20.00h

On Sundays and holidays shops are closed. Of course there are exceptions

Landmarks and highlights in Almeria

Natural Park of Cabo de Gata – Nijar
This is one of the most natural beaches in Europe and is a great way to spend time with family. Steven Spielberg used the beach when filming Indiana Jones. There are many quiet hamlets with their own stories. The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata is a UNESCO Biosphere reserve. It is home to over 1,000 different plants.

This fortress stands on a hill overlooking Almeria. It was erected in the tenth century, but has been enhanced throughout the years. A Christian palace was added by Catholic Kings.

Museum of Almeria
This is a great place to look around and learn about the city’s history. The museum has used creative ways to describe how the city has changed over time.

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Getting around in Almeria

The city is easy to reach by foot from the cruise port. The dock is only about one kilometer from town. The first step is to cross the parking at the docking pier to the Avenida Reina Regente. From this point the historic area is within walking distance.

Shore excursions around Almeria

Places like Granada and Cordoba are too far away to reach on your own by public transport within the limited time frame of your cruise visit. But Almeria has enough to offer to spend half to full day. Also the nearby nature reserve Cabo de Gata is a must.

Weather in Almeria

Almeria is located in the south-eastern part of Spain.  The climate is subtropical. The city features one of the warmest and driest climates on the continent.

During the summer, the average temperature ranges from 18 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius. Winter temperatures range from 8 degrees Celsius to 17 degrees Celsius.

Excursions in Granada

Excursions in Almeria

Almeria tourist information

Just across the Parque de Nicolás Salmerón at walking distance from the cruise port you can find a tourist office.