What is a shore excursion?

What is a shore excursion?

Characteristics and specifications of cruise excursions

During most cruise holidays you will visit another destination every day. Cruise ships dock in port for a couple of hours giving cruise passengers the opportunity to explore the land. When your cruise ship is docked in port you are entirely free on how to spend your day. Most cruise passengers opt for a shore excursion.

Options while your cruise ship is docked in port

When you dock at a cruise port you basically have 4 options:

  1. You stay on board to enjoy the facilities on board
  2. You make an excursion organized by the cruise line
  3. You make an excursion booked with a local operator
  4. You organize cruise excursion on your own

Characteristics of cruise excursions

At first sight a cruise excursion may seem like a short city trip, but there are some differences. A cruise excursion has 3 specific characteristics:

  1. You depart from a cruise port, sometimes remote
  2. You only have a few hours time
  3. You must be back on board in time


Different names

Cruise excursions have different names. Most common are shore excursions, land excursions and cruise shore excursions.