What to do in Saint-Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg was the capital of Russia from 1712 to 1914. Now it is the second largest city in Russia after Moscow (over 4.5 million people). The name was changed from Saint Petersburg to Petrograd in 1914, then to Leningrad in 1924, and then back to Saint Petersburg in 1991.

Saint Petersburg is a city of traditions and vibrant life style. It is centre of education and health care. The city attracts tourists with its 900 events each year to experience festivals, cultural exhibits, music aand sport games. 

St Petersburg still feels like the imperial city with its historic heart that includes seven museums, baroque bridges, churches, palaces and many more.

Practical info

Most cruise ships typically spend at least one overnight (mostly 2-3 days). It will allow you to explore the main highlights of the city but still it will be not enough time to see everything.

Highlights in Saint-Petersburg

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