Very thankful for the tour that we were apart of on July 4th visiting Eze and Monte Carlo.  We were well informed on the history and culture of this area.  I highly recommend this tour (van of 8 people) as the winding roads and locations would be hard to get to by train, bus. Having a car of our own, we would have missed seeing many sights and history. Pick up and drop off were appreciated.

We just got back from our trip, the excursion was very nice the transfers to Florence and Pisa were great.  The staff had to take us directly back to the ship because of time issues the staff was very helpful.  I would recommend to others.

We enjoyed the tour. It was very pleasant. The speed boat did let us see the amazing panoramic view of Santorini west coast. The time of the excursion was ok. The only thing wrong was taking the bus from Oia to Fira. The bus driver did allow a group with a guide (not in line) to get the bus in before the line we had formed waiting for the bus to open doors. That was not a very nice gesture. Disrespectful at all. This small action hurt the image of the trip. But other than this, it was ok.


We had a wonderful time in Bruges. Our guide Martin was well informed ,set limits with other rude people (much appreciated ) and had a great sense of humor. 

The Catamaran Tour was excellent.. don't plan on walking to the tour with children, it is way too far. We got Taxis!

Everything went without a hitch, very happy with the service provided.

We had the most fantastic day in Rome, and made so by the most fantastic tour guide you could ever wish for, his knowledge and passion for Rome was unbelieveable it was almost as if he lived and breathed and would even bleed Rome, his knowledge put with the way he spoke with passion was there for all to see. 
Would highly recommend using you for this tour

We had a very good tour! Very well organised and timed! And Chiara, our guide, was incredibly good, friendly and efficient! She managed comments in English and Spanish very well!!! Claps for her!!


It waa fine except the bus from Oia to Frias was late, and it was extremely confusing as to what bus to get on. The driver was very clear about where to meet him. He and the bus were not there at the specified time. Several people went up to each of the buses to confirm it waa not ours. Dangerous as buses were pulling in and out very haphazardly and were not careful to make sure pedestrians were out of the way. Lots of children.  When he finally  arrived, it was in a different area. And he told us he was not taking us to Firas, pointing in the general area of a dozen buses. No one knew what bus or where to stand. At this point there were more people than two buses could accommodate. IIt waa mass confusion and extremely dangerous. Finally boarded a bus - way too many people for one bus. My husband and I had to stand, grabbing on to what ever we could to hang on for dear life as he flew through the dangerous curves, passing slower trucks and slamming on breaks several times. Then he let us off in the middle of dangerous intersection. It was not fun for any of us and was a low point in our day. 

Loved Oia but will have to find another way to visit in the future. 

Thank you. Overall, I was satisfied with the transfer service. It ran on time and got my family to both sites and back to the ship without any stress. The one downside was that the WiFi on the bus did not work consistently. The tour leader made this worse by claiming that it was working and that we were doing something wrong on our phones.