We had a very good tour! Very well organised and timed! And Chiara, our guide, was incredibly good, friendly and efficient! She managed comments in English and Spanish very well!!! Claps for her!!


It waa fine except the bus from Oia to Frias was late, and it was extremely confusing as to what bus to get on. The driver was very clear about where to meet him. He and the bus were not there at the specified time. Several people went up to each of the buses to confirm it waa not ours. Dangerous as buses were pulling in and out very haphazardly and were not careful to make sure pedestrians were out of the way. Lots of children.  When he finally  arrived, it was in a different area. And he told us he was not taking us to Firas, pointing in the general area of a dozen buses. No one knew what bus or where to stand. At this point there were more people than two buses could accommodate. IIt waa mass confusion and extremely dangerous. Finally boarded a bus - way too many people for one bus. My husband and I had to stand, grabbing on to what ever we could to hang on for dear life as he flew through the dangerous curves, passing slower trucks and slamming on breaks several times. Then he let us off in the middle of dangerous intersection. It was not fun for any of us and was a low point in our day. 

Loved Oia but will have to find another way to visit in the future. 

Thank you. Overall, I was satisfied with the transfer service. It ran on time and got my family to both sites and back to the ship without any stress. The one downside was that the WiFi on the bus did not work consistently. The tour leader made this worse by claiming that it was working and that we were doing something wrong on our phones.


This is just to thank you very much for all the help and assistance you ladies have give in confirming and sorting out my blunders.

It is really appreciated and gives us confidence that we have done the right thing by booking our tours through your group. We are totally looking forward to these excursions.

Ian G - South Africa
June 2019

The excursion was amazing! The tour driver was very nice, cooperative and helpful. I was afraid of something could go wrong but how impressed that I was totally wrong. I would strong recommend Shoreebee to my friends. Thank you all for the effort.

We loved our walking tour. It was all because of the tour guide who was so upbeat, sweet, and knowledgeable. I think her name was something like Lavina (she was from Bruges). My husband keeps telling everyone about our great tour guide in Bruges. I wish she could have been our tour guide throughout Europe!

The only part I needed clarification was when we got off the bus. The bus was full, but I realized after 10 min that only 8 of us were on the walking tour. The bus driver didn't tell us to wait on the benches for the tour guide, if we are waiting for the walking tour. The majority of the people started walking towards the town, so at first we thought we needed to do that also. Thank goodness my husband noticed the sign that said where to wait for the walking tour. It was displayed down the steps by the boat/hotel/restaurant, rather than up by the sidewalk where the driver dropped us off. With all the people getting off the bus, it's very easy to miss that sign. 


The trip was exactly as advertised . We weren’t impressed with the destinations because they were so busy but that wasn’t the fault of the trip although we did waste an hour on pick ups. Guide and driver were excellent . Lunch was unexpected but good . A couple of brief photo stops for the amalfi coast would really have added to the trip .
Karen R. - Great Britain
June 2019


The team picked us up promptly from the port.
The tour bus was clean and modern.
Unfortunately we had to wait an hour at Pompeii while they got tickets- so much for “skip the line”. It was a busy day- as there were 3 cruise ships in port- but waiting an hour for tickets was ridiculous. Since we had to wait it just got busier and busier. The company seemed like they were disorganized running multiple tours with multiple languages. I did enjoy the tour once it started, and the guide was informative-English.
Leaving was disorganized as well- with people grabbing random buses back to port.
I would recommend they clean up there act with organization.
susan s. - Canada
June 2019

First I would like to comment on the overall organisation of the tour which was excellent. On leaving the shuttle bus the sign for the tour operator was clearly visible and easy to find. There were several coaches but the tour reps. were very well organised and all customers were allocated a coach number and escorted to the correct coach. The young lady who accompanied us in the coach was very helpful and explained that the tour would be in reverse order with Ancient Rome first and St. Peter's in the afternoon due to the fact that visitors are not allowed in St. Peter's on Wednesday mornings because of the religious services which take place on that day.
My next comment concerns the tour of the various sites which involved over 2 hours fast-paced walking in the hot sun with only a 15 minute break. My friend (aged 83years) and I found this extremely difficult and unexpected as, at the time of booking, your explanatory notes stated there would be no more than 600 metres of walking at any one time and it was on this basis that we booked the tour. I note that you have now updated the information on your site relating to the amount of walking involved but I consider that it still does not reflect the actual situation on the ground.
Finally, I would like to comment on the actual tour guide - (not the young lady from the tour company who was really helpful) This man was very knowledgeable. However, his commentary was extremely fast and he seemed hardly to pause for breath, leaving little chance to ask a question. All in all, we felt he was not really interested and just wanted to get the tour over with. As mentioned above, we were walking for over 2 hours, and when the tour company lady noted that my friend and I were struggling, the leader was quite rude and patronising and said the group would need to adjust the pace of the walk to that of the 2 elderly ladies in the group! In fact, he did not slow the pace.
We were really glad to get back on the coach for the visit to St. Peter's!
This part of the tour was excellent and the Vatican tour guide provided a very interesting and informative commentary.
We then met up with the tour guide at the appointed time for him to escort us back to the coach. We were a group of about 20 people with the guide at the front holding a flag. Suddenly, around 9 or 10 of us could no longer see the flag because of the huge numbers of people milling around. We walked on a little way and still could not see the flag. Some of us remained where we were whilst a small group walked back a little. One of them then returned saying he had found the group. When we met up with the rest of the group the tour guide was furious with us and actually shouted at us, saying that he didn't have eyes in the back of his head and that we had eyes in the front of our head and should have been watching the flag. What had happened was that he had turned a corner with most of the group and we hadn't seen this. We consider that, as the group leader, he should have waited at the corner of the street to ensure that all members of the group were together which is common practice for anyone who leads a group!
All in all, we were quite disappointed with the tour, principally because of the amount of walking which we didn't expect and the attitude of the group leader which we found quite appalling.. I understand that he is bound to get fed up now and again and must find it quite boring repeating the same information over and over but that is no excuse for his patronising and rude behaviour.

I would be grateful if you could convey this information to the tour operators.

This excursion was very well organised, The transport reps were waiting for us at the shuttle bus terminus and we had no delays. The young lady guide was very helpful and provided lots of useful information.We enjoyed the fact that we could explore Florence at our own pace and visit the places we really wanted to see. We didn't have a great deal of time in Pisa but long enough to get to the centre and take a few photos.