De excursie en de heenreis waren prima,

Helaas hebben we op de terug weg de bus gemist.

Dat kwam mede doordat onze gids gezegd had om een kwartiertje van te voren aan te lopen.

We zouden dan tijd genoeg hebben.

Maar nee dus, we moesten bij de spoorwegovergang wachten wat best lang duurde.

Toen kwamen we uiteindelijk bij de bussen waar we overrompelt werden door de vele bussen.

Ze mogen de volgende keer duidelijker aangeven waar de opstap plaats is voor de terug weg.

En ik weet niet of het heel veel werk is om de mensen te bellen die de bus missen.

Misschien zijn ze wel in de buurt maar kunnen ze de bus niet vinden.

Gelukkig kwam er om half 5 nog een bus.

Maar die was helemaal niet te vinden.
Naar veel op en neer gebeld, rond gelopen te hebben kwamen we eindelijk de buschauffeur tegen.

Gelukkig, helaashebben we veel stress gehad die dag...

Maar zijn we uiteindelijk toch op tijd bij de cruise gekomen.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Bram van den M. - The Nederlands
September 2018

We really enjoyed this tour. It was very easy to find the tour outside the security gate at the Naples port. Our guide Lorena did an excellent job explaining the sights to us and our driver Francesco was fantastic at navigating the narrow roads of the Amalfi coast. There are only two things I would do to improve the tour. One would be to have more time to explore each town but I understand that is nearly impossible with the tight schedule. And two, I would have appreciated a little bit more explanation of the plan when we first got in the tour bus. We made a stop to pick up two additional passengers but no one explained to us that this would be happening so all of us in the bus were a little confused as to what was going on and why we were sitting around waiting for 15 minutes. I would certainly recommend this tour to family or friends visiting Naples in the future.

Marta S. - Canada
September 2018

We enjoyed our tour very much!  Our tour guide was very knowledgeable however, it was a little hard to understand his English. The acoustics in the vehicle along with the traffic outside and rain hitting the roof of the car made hearing and understanding him more difficult!  

Hi, unfortunately, after we went on the bus we booked with you to Rome, my wife fell ill and we were unable to use our tickets to Florence. However, thanks for dealing with us, the Rome bus trip was arranged excellently.
Thanks, Steve.

The transfer went without a hitch. I will be using your services on our next cruise. I have recommended your company to other fellow travelers 

David L. - Great Britain
September 2018

Good afternoon,

The actual tour was more than adequate and we enjoyed it very much.

The tour representatives were helpful and friendly.

I found visiting the pearl factory a bit of a chore, I’m sorry. It was as though we were delaying time before arriving at the Caves of Drach.

The Caves of Drach were fantastic -

However, we were late being picked up and we had received no adequate information or map to tell us exactly where to meet the coach.

When we tried to telephone your office, we were not able to get a reply.  This made us quite anxious and started a discussion amongst our party of six, as to whether we had actually missed the bus tour. 

Once on the coach, everything went smoothly and for this we thank you.

Kind regards, 

Gaynor O’Kane, Mrs

Gaynor O’K., Mrs - Great Britain
September 2018

This was probably one of the best choices we made on this trip. The service was very good, the bus was very comfortable, and best of all was Danielle (Daniel?), she was lovely and so helpful. 

This was a bargain. Kudos to your company.
Darvin & Sharon J. - Canada
September 2018
It was great to find such a low-cost transfer to places we wanted to see. Best value as opposed to what others were charging.
The young lady accompanying the driver was nice too and helpful.
Once we disembarked the bus, it was somewhat confusing finding the bus that traveled to the Tower. Several different buses and we couldn't find someone to ask but finally found the right one. So clearer instructions there would help future tourists.
Thank you.
Nancy & Noel G. - United States
September 2018
Hi Shore Bee,
We enjoyed our trip to Nice,Eze & Monaco. Vince was knowledgeable tour guide & very patience with professional skill driver too and he tried to provide us a lot of  interesting information as he drove us.Thank you for the service.  It was great, on time, clean. Good value for money.
I had a very good experience with ShoreBee in the first day tour to Almafi Coast + Pompeii too.
Thanks for the great experience, I would definitely book excursions with ShoreBee again in my future vacation!

Our tour was fantastic! Prompt, very good guides, comfortable coach and very reasonably priced!
we would recommend to others
Thank you

Loraine G. - Great Britain
September 2018