Op 7 september hebben wij een excursie gedaan met shorebee, transfer naar pisa.De bus was op tijd, en konden de rit naar pisa aanvangen.We hadden 2.5u tijd om in pisa rond te lopen, juist genoeg om toffe foto's te maken van de scheve toren en dergelijke, een beetje meer tijd had welkom geweest, maar dat weet je op voorrand.De transfer naar de gezamelijke parking in Livorno is goed verlopen. Daar konden we dan op tijd de bus van de cruisemaatschappij op tijd terug nemen.

Rome was super en zeer goede gids ILENYA heel veel info!

My cruise was just what I expected as I always prepare my trips thoroughly. A big part of success was made by you, my great thanks.

Everything worked well.

MSC Fantasia is the best ship I have seen. She is much better than other MSC ships, even MSC Splendida, which I considered to be the best up to now.

Your partner in Katakolon waited for us for two hours, the ship was late as there were no space for docking.

The trips were quite vice versa - with guide in Katakolon albeit you informed there will be no guide, and with no guide in Santorini though

The separate respect for our guide in Katakolon - the old Greek guy Georgius, wearing leather cowboy hat, with long ash-coloured hair. The main thing is that he was joking all the way in several languages, including Japanese. We laughed at his jokes very much, especially Frenchmen.

In Santorini it was simply well organized. I need to point out that your partner carries all the passengers to Oia, even those who booked this excursion on the ship (for much greater price, of course). All of them needed to be back to Thira in time.  The delivery back was well organized, with no jams though we had 4000 passengers onboard.

Thank you very much again.

Certainly, all these excursions could be bought directly on arrival for the same price, but I felt more confident with your voucher in my pocket. At least, I did not need to bargain. It is always not too easy in Meditteranea.

I definitely will recommend you to the others.

As a business idea I may recommend your company to think over the transfers between the main airports and the ports of embarkation/disembarkation ports on the same model - much cheaper than shipowners do.

Best wishes and thank you again

Alexander P - Russia
September 2017

Thank you for arranging our cycling tour of Valencia; it was absolutely first class and we enjoyed every minute. We all agreed this was our best day ashore of the whole cruise    (although Sacre Familia in Barcelona ran it a close second !)

I was slightly nervous that we had docked at a different terminal to where the ride started, but it was simplicity itself to hop on the yellow inter-terminal bus (free) and transfer took 10 minutes.   (For other nervous cruisers the confirmatory E-mail might just make it clear that this yellow bus just runs  between the two terminals and you can’t get lost or get off at the wrong spot or not be able to find your way back afterwards).

Our guide, Nani, was on time (20 minutes early in fact) and as there were only the five in our party, we had a completely personalised tour, stopping when we wanted to etc. and a great deal of “local interest” information.

Valencia is a great city to cycle in, with its 8km strip of park to the centre and dedicated cycle lanes everywhere.  Your tour was both a lot cheaper than the ship’s alternative and also included a lot more cycling, which was great for us.

My wife will at some point do some posting on cruise critic, and will be recommending Valencia as a great cycling city and your tour in particular as great value for money. When we book our next cruise we will certainly review what you can offer in each port before we book any trips with the ship.

Very happy to be quoted (or paraphrased) from any of the above on your website if useful to you.

Best regards

(Dr.) Nick B - Great Britain
September 2017

Wou hierbij even laten weten dat de excursies heel goed verlopen zijn.

De begeleide dag in Athene was top. Dikke pluim voor gids Katharina.



Sabine D.S - Belgium
August 2017

Today we had a fantastic excursion in Mykonos by Brian. A fantastic guide from Canada but living for more than 30 years on the island. We have seen things tourists will never see. One of the best excursions we ever had.

More than 4 hours walking through the city and making a bustour over the island. Nearly non stop.

Thanks a lot for organising this for us.


Marco M - The Nederlands
August 2017

We really enjoyed our tour. It was well organized and the fact that it was a small group made it more interesting, even giving us time to ask questions. Our guide (can't remember the name but she is from Bordeaux) gave us plenty of information and we could see that she is very knowledgable and enjoys being a guide at the Vatican.  The tour was supposed to be 3 hours and ended up being 3 1/2 hour.  We were more than happy to have chosen that tour and would highly recommend it.

We really enjoyed our tour of Pisa and Florence, and our guide (Gianfranco) was awesome at recommending places to see and a good restaurant to have lunch.  The timing of the tour was perfect - it was the right amount of time in Pisa, and we enjoyed the stop at Piazza Michelangelo to whet our appetite for Florence.  Since some of us had been to Florence before, we did not feel the pressure to see as many things as possible, but our group of six did split up so we could each do our own thing before meeting the driver for the return to Livorno.  We would definitely recommend this tour to others.


We are on the cruise and really enjoying ourselves.  Our booking with you for the tour of Kotor was perfect!

We all had a really good time and the guide was friendly, courteous and very accommodating.

It all went very smoothly.

Thank you for your service.

Kind regard

1 The Amalfi coast tour:  45 minutes at Amalfi is too little time for such a beautiful town and a beautiful cathedral.

Despite running, we had to rush through the cathedral sights.

2 Rome. The walking-tour is meaningless as it took us only through the narrow streets. Perhaps we could make it more  exciting :

  1. a)  20 minutes at St Paul's cathedral, 
  2. b)  Enter the Coliseum with a Cut-the queue ticket ( pre purchased when we book the tour with you. Late bookers will just have free time to roam about, with all explanations about the venue done in the bus. Participants in the tour bemoaned not entering such a wonderful place. ) 
  3. c)  Photo-stop at the Trevi Fountain ( no change) 
  4. d) Pick up and proceed to the Vatican. Participants who do not  wish to buy the cut-the queue ticket

will be free to lunch near the Vatican, and walk around on their own.

This way, we get to see 4 spots in better detail.

  1. Livorno- Florence.  All in good timing.

Pisa. The walking route to the bus stand is complicated and far. Perhaps the guide should set a place in the Pisa square to meet at an appointed time. Some members of the group lost their way trying to find their way back to the bus. People they asked for directions weren't very helpful. One in our group was pick-pocketed. There was lots of anguish, and in the end, the guide still had to go back the the square to search for them. Precious time was lost that way, with everyone worried about getting back to the cruise ship in time.

  1. Cannes, Monaco, Eze. No problems as we had our own private driver who spoke good English, and was very helpful.

Your agents at all the stops were helpful and punctual

Best regards

We had a great time in our cruise. We also enjoyed all our shore excursions booked through ShoreBee. You can be assure your local partners are doing a great job. The only time we felt a little anxious was on the first port (Naples), maybe because it was our first time doing this and we were not sure what to expect. However we wish the people from the World Tours would have been more visible right from the start (maybe a bigger signage or bright colorful t-shirt), because the pick up time was 8am and we were there even a little earlier, but we had a hard time finding them amidst the crowded port. Once we met our guide everything was fine.

I would definitely recommend ShoreBee to family and friends as we had a great experience in all ports.

Best regards