Promo excursion package MSC Fantasia - Italy, Malta, Tunisia, Spain, France

Book your excursion package for your MSC Fantasia cruise now and save money

This carefully compiled excursion package contains some of the main excursions for a Mediterranean cruise with MSC Fantasia. Book your excursion package now and save up to hundreds of euros per family!

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MSC Fantasia


MSC Fantasia takes you on a breathtaking 8 day cruise along the Eastern Mediterranean. Along the way you will see cities like Barcelona, Pompeii, Marseille, La Valletta and Tunis.


With specially selected departure dates during the Easter holidays, Summer half term and during the summer months this is the ideal cruise for families and active travelers.


We have put together a reasonably priced excursion package with additional benefits. Specially for this cruise.

Excursion package: Marseille, Pompeii, Barcelona


Save up to 35 % and more on your cruise excursions with MSC Fantasia


This excursion package contains an excursion to Pompeii from the cruise port of Naples (Italy), an excursion to Aix-En-Provence from the cruise port of Marseille (France), an excursion to Barcelona.


More information about the excursions in this package you can find here:

  1. Shore excursion to Aix-En-Provence from Marseille
  2. Shore excursion to Pompeii from Naples
  3. Shore excursion to Barcelona from Barcelona port

Price and conditions


The price for this MSC Fantasia tour package including the excursion to Pompeii, Aix-En-Provence & Barcelona is:

  •  - adult: € 249 per person (based on a group of 2 participants)
  • - adult: € 179 per person (based on a group of 4 participants)
  • - adult: € 155 per person (based on a group of 6 participants)
  • - adult: € 144 per person (based on a group of 8 participants)


You save up to 35% and more on your excursions with MSC Fantasia


The departures are tailored to the schedule of your cruise.


The above prices are valid when booking the above excursion package for minimum 2 adults (+ children, if any). The excursions are conducted by the ShoreBee local partners. Based on shared excursions.



Please send us an email with booking request to and we will contact you.


We will need following information:

  1. number and names of all participants, as we are required by the Port Authorities to have a complete passenger list on the buses.
  2. name of your cruise ship and date of departure
  3. date & name of the excursion (or excursion package) you want to book
  4. at least 1 mobile number from your group (will be used ONLY in case of emergency)
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