Important places in Leixoes (Porto)

Important places to remember in Leixoes (Porto) during a Mediterranean cruise

Leixoes Tourist Info

The Leixoes tourist office is located on walking distance from the cruiseterminal at Masohintos Beach. They provide you with info for Leixoes and Porto.

Mercado metro station

If you dock at the cruiseterminal dock nr.1, the Mercado metrostation is your closest option to take a metro from Leixoes to Porto city center.


This is the drawbridge you will see when leaving de cruiseterminal at dock nr.1 Down at the other site is the Mercado metrostation.

Matosinhos Sul metro station

If you cruise ship docks at the terminal near Matosinhos Beach, this is your closest station to take a metro from Leixoes to Porto.

Nr. 507 bus stop

Nr. 507 bus stop (with the name Fresca) is located at the exit of the cruiseterminal at dock nr.1 You can take a bus to the center of Porto.

Nr. 500 bus stop

Bus nr. 500 brings you from Leixoes to the city center of Porto. If you dock near Matosinhos Beach you can find a bus stop on walking distance in the Avenida Da Republica.