Organize your own cruise shore excursions

Benefits and disadvantages of organizing cruise shore excursions on your own


It's easy to organize cruise shore excursions on your own. Moreover, it is very fun to do. However it requires a good preparation. ShoreBee can help you to organize. Consider carefully the pro's and con's beforehand.


What is wrong with the organized cruise line shore excursions?


Nothing! In general, the excursions organized by cruise lines range from good to excellent quality. If you like convenience and you want everything to be arranged for you, then the organized excursions are probably your best option. But be aware of the price tag. However, there are many cruise passengers who organize cruise shore excursions on their own.


Characteristics organized cruise shore excursions



+ transport by luxury coach

+ number of meals and entrance fees included

+ accompanied by a guide

+ everything is organized for you



- often very large groups

- little free time, everything is pre-determined

- sometimes "mandatory" visits to shops and restaurants

- possible cancellation fees

- expensive


Characteristics self-organized cruise shore excursions



+ you travel in the company of your choice

+ you decide how to spend your day

+ you eat where, when and with whom you want

+ you experience more through contacts with the locals

+ no cancellation fees

+ sometimes up to 70% cheaper than an organized excursion



- you have to find out everything on your own and you have no guide

- sometimes you have to wait for a train, bus, ...

- you are responsible for being back on board in time

- public transport is sometimes less comfortable