Spa, beauty salon and fitness on a cruise

Spa, beauty salon and fitness on a cruise

Healthy body and mind during your cruise holiday

Most cruise ships feature luxurious and modern spa and beauty salons. They often come together with a big and well equipped fitness center. While a workout on the high seas will cost you nothing apart from sweat, a visit of the spa salon can weigh on your cruise budget.

Spa treatment during a cruise

Nothing like a nice and relaxing spa treatment after a full day of sightseeing!  Modern ships all have a Spa onboard. While use of the sauna is sometimes complimentary, individual treatments always come with a price. On most cruise ships you can find different kinds of sauna like a dry sauna (Finnish sauna), wet sauna, Turkish sauna, steam rooms etc. You can find hot tubs in the spa area and on most sundecks as well. Individual treatments include cosmetic services, body therapies, facial treatments, hair services, nail services, thermal treatments, hammam, aromatherapy, solarium, massage, etc.

On the first day cruise lines often propose discounted spa packages. Sometimes the number of Spa guests is limited. Once sold out, you can’t join anymore. During daytime on port days individual treatments are often discounted and you can enjoy an almost empty spa area as most passengers opt for an excursion.

One of the spectacular things about Spa on a cruise are the sauna with huge glass walls giving you a stunning view over the ocean while trying to stand the heat. During your luxury treatment you can just relax and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Fitness and gym on a cruise

Use of the fitness or gym is an ideal way to keep in shape during your cruise holiday where the temptation of excellent food and drinks is always around the corner. Running a few miles while facing the ocean behind a glass wall is a nice way to start your day. Bigger cruise ships also feature a running track on one of the top decks. Even better for those who yearn to feel the early morning sea breeze during their workout.