Food and beverage on a cruise ship

Food and beverage on a cruise

Restaurants and bars onboard a cruise ship

One thing is for sure. Food on cruise ships is abundant and delicious! During your holiday you have plenty of choice between different exotic and international kinds of food served in several trendy restaurants and bars. Food and beverage are everywhere, anytime! If you don’t pay attention you will gain some weight easily. 

Where can you eat onboard your cruise ship?

The layout of each ship is different, but in general you have similar restaurant options. Big cruise ships have one ore more main restaurants (with outdoor terrace) with buffet style food, a la carte restaurants and several specialty restaurants where you can order from the menu. Eating in the buffet or a la carte restaurant is always included in your cruise package. The specialty restaurants come with an additional charge ($10-$25 per person) and you have to make advanced reservation.

Some cruise lines have fixed dinner times (early and late seating) and decide where and with whom you will dine. Freestyle cruises (e.g. Norwegian Cruise Line) give you freedom of choice. You eat where, when and with whom you want. You can also order room service for a small charge. In most cases 24/7.

Breakfast options on a cruise

Breakfast is mostly served between 06.00 am and 10.00 am in buffet style in the main restaurants and/or the a la carte restaurants. You have a big choice of eggs, bacon, sausages, vegetables, fruits, bread, cereals, yoghurts, juices, coffee, tea, cheese, ham, salads etc. If weather permits your breakfast will probably taste better sitting outdoors enjoying the fresh morning breeze. The most common drinks are complimentary.

Lunch during your cruise

Lunch is served on sea and port days mostly between 12.00 pm and 02.00 pm. However in the latter case most passengers are on a shore excursion. Specialty restaurants may be closed during lunch but you can go to the main dining room for the buffet or eat a snack near the swimming pool. There’s a wide variety of international cold and hot fish, meat and vegetarian dishes served with rice, pasta, bread, fries etc. Coffee, tea and ice water are mostly included. For soft drinks and alcohol you have to pay extra or purchase a special drink package on the first day of your cruise.

Dinner time on a cruise holiday

While the dress code during the day is casual, most people dress up for dinner. This time of the day dining options seem endless. You can opt for the buffet again, go to an a la carte restaurant or choose one of the specialty restaurants. The last two options come with table service from a personal waiter serving 3 to 4 courses. Ice water is complimentary. Coffee, tea, alcohol and soft drinks are mostly not included. For specialty restaurants you often can choose between a Grill, Italian, Chinese, Sushi, Tepanyaki, etc

Still hungry?

In between breakfast, lunch and dinner time you can also find snacks and drinks on the upper decks near the swimming pool or enjoy tea time with cookies in the afternoon. Or why not order a pizza delivered to your room 24/7 for a small charge.