Cruise ports of Montenegro

During a cruise vacation to Montenegro you get to know an unknown jewel along the Eastern Mediterranean. The rugged scenery is breathtaking. Small towns and villages are hidden in the fairytale landscape. The hospitable people will warmly welcome you. The most popular cruise destination is:



Official language: Montenegrin

Other spoken languages: English

Three words to remember:

  • Hello = "Здраво" (Zdravo)
  • Thanks = "благодарение" (Blagodarenie)
  • Goodbye = "збогум" (zbogum)




Currency: Euro


Value: 1 = 100 cent

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Opening hours


Most shops are open from:

  •      Monday to Friday
  •      from 9.00h - 21.00h
  •      Saturday from 8.00h - 15.00h

On Sundays and holidays shops are closed. Of course there are exceptions