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Valletta is the capital of the Republic of Malta, and since 1980 it's on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city is situated on the hill Sceberras. It's also called the 'City of Palaces'. The magnificent structures such as the walls and bastions dating back to the Middle Ages.

In the 2nd half of the 16th century, when Valletta replaced the old capital Mdina, the streets were methodically constructed according to the checkerboard pattern. It owes its name to Jean de La Valletta, founder of the city.

During World War II Valletta played an important role as the strategic center of the Allied forces in the Mediterranean. The city was heavily bombed by German and Italian bombers.

Today Valletta is a charming historic town with Arabic, English and Italian influences.

Practical info

Count on at least half a day to visit Valletta. You can also first make an excursion to Mdina and visit Valletta on the way back. You can easily go on your own or choose an excursion from our local partners.

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