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Winding alleys, mysterious carnival masks, channels, bridges, and squares, make Venice undoubtedly the most romantic city in Europe. The city is completely traffic free and is built on hundreds of islands that are connected to each other. In the 6th century, the Venetians took refuge here to hide from the barbarians, who could not sail along the small canals with their large ships.

Today, all transport happens via water. Supplies, ambulance, fire squad, taxi, bus, ... The locals even go shopping by boat.  And then there are the Gondolas, the typical canal boats with one oar. They are ingeniously designed in order to move smoothly through Venice .

It is a wonderful city to stroll through or just to relax on one of the many small squares. It is justifiably on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Practical info

Venice has so much to offer that one day is hardly enough. The historic city is not that big and it is doable to visit the landmarks, but the maze of streets, canals, bridges, and squares offer something magical to the city which makes you want to stay a little longer.

For those who already visited Venice, there are excursions to cities such as Padua and Verona

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