What to do in Urbino

Visit Urbino during your cruise vacation

Urbino is often seen as the cradle of the Renaissance. It is the birthplace of artists such as Donato Bramante and Raphael. The town is completely walled and situated on a 485 meter high hill. It is located  in an area frequently hit by earthquakes. The Palazzo Ducale, dating from the 15th century, and other sites are UNESCO World Heritage.

This university town is mainly the work of Federigo da Monfeltro. He was an enlightened ruler who wanted to build a city according to the divine model. Seen from the surrounding hills, Urbino is one of the most beautiful Italian cities.

Practical info

Urbino is best explored on foot. There are some steep streets. An exploration of the city takes 3 to 4 hours. Take travel times to and from Urbino into account.

Highlights in Urbino