What to do in the volcano Vesuvius

Visit the volcano Vesuvius during your cruise vacation

Vesuvius has dominated the landscape around the Bay of Naples for centuries. It has a diameter of 8 kilometers and is 1281 meters high.

In August 79 A.D., the best known and most violent eruption of Vesuvius took place. After the top blew, places like Pompei and Herculaneum were buried under ash, pumice stone, and lava. Presumably, about 10,000 people died.

The last eruption occurred in 1944. Several times, 
the Giro d'Italia cycling race's arrival was on Mount Vesuvius.

Practical info

The volcano Vesuvius is best visited  from Naples or Pompei. Count on about half a day. From the parking lot at the top it is a half hour walk up to the crater. You better be in good condition and wear sturdy shoes.

Highlights in the volcano Vesuvius