What to do in the volcano Etna

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"Mountain of the mountains" or "pillar that supports the sky" are just some of the nicknames Etna received throughout history. With its 3323 meters, the volcano dominates Sicily's east coast. Etna is relatively young and is the largest active volcano in Europe.

In 475 BC, the first eruption was recorded
. The most powerful one took place in 1669 and destroyed the city of Catania. In some places, the lava did not cool down for eight years!

Throughout the years, hundreds of small craters arose. The main crater is located at the top and can be visited from the parking lot Etna Sud. The whole landscape around Etna is dominated by overgrown lava flows and fine volcanic ash.

Practical info

Etna can be visited in different ways. You can visit villages and towns at the foot of the volcano or make an excursion to the main crater. Count on at least half a day to one full day.

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