What to do in Salerno

Visit Salerno during your cruise vacation

City with an exceptional scenic and architectural beauty, which waits for you and invites you to walk along its small streets, to visit its shops and old houses of to go to Via Mercanti and of course its invites you to an evening walk along Lungomare Trieste.

This particular city was known thanks to the University and its Medical School. In 1943 the United States fifth fleet landed here and the city became the temporary headquarters of the Government of the liberated Italy.

In Salerno you can visit the Cathedral, also you can walk through the Lungomare Trieste of go shopping to Via Mercanti and visit the small old houses.

From here you can easily travel to Pompeii, Herculaneum and Amalfi Coast

Practical info

You can easily return to your ship, the same way you left it, either on foot, by shuttle bus or taxi. Just keep in mind to return on time and calculate at least the same time to get back to your ship as it took you to get away from it. A visit of Salerno will take just a couple of hours. If you plan to make an excursion outside Salerno, count in a whole day and start with the most faraway place in the morning and discover Salerno on your way back.

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