What to do in Monreale

Visit Monreale during your cruise vacation

Monreale is a small town, situated on a hill about 10 kilometers from Palermo. Because of the high location, you have a beautiful view over the bay Conca d'Oro.

Monreale gained importance when it was the temporary residence of the bishop, who was expelled from Palermo by the Arabs in the 9th century.

It was later in the 12th century that William II of Sicily gave instructions to build the famous cathedral. This is the most important lanmarks of Monreale.

The town has a
friendly atmosphere and is ideally located. It attracts thousands of tourists.

Practical info

From the cruise port of Palermo, Monreale can easily be visited  by taxi or public bus. Monreale is only 10 kilometers from Palermo, but the road is narrow and crowded at times. The journey can therefore take longer than expected.

TIP: If you want to combine Palermo and Monreale,go to Monreale first and visit Palermo on the way back.

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