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Most likely. the town received its name from its geographical position, which resembles a knee ('Genu') or angle. 'La Superba' is a common nickname referring to the magnificent marble palaces that recall the rich trading history. Since Roman times, a major naval base is located in Genoa.

Today, it is the largest port city in Italy and, after Marseille, the second largest port in the Mediterranean. Through trade with the colonies in the east and the transportation of the crusaders to the Holy Land, Genoa housed a colorful mix of cultures. It is still noticable today..

In the past, Genoa possessed the patented colorant 'blu di genova', which, centuries later, was used by Levi's. Hence the name 'bleu jeans'.

Practical info

Genoa has a well preserved historical center. It is definitely worth spending a few hours to half a day in the city to visit the important landmarks.

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