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Catania is the second largest city in Sicily and is located approximately 30 kilometers from the volcano, Etna. Throughout history, the city was dominated by Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and Normans. This resulted in a rich cultural mix.

In 1669, Etna changed this flourishing city. During the worst volcanic eruption of this giant, the entire city was destroyed. The residents did not give up and managed to rebuild and restore large parts of the city. However, in 1693 the tragedy hit again. This time an earthquake destroyed entire neighborhoods.

After World War II, the city experienced another revival. Today, It is mainly the 17th century Baroque buildings that color the historic center.

Practical info

Depending how long your ship docks at the port, a day in Catania offers many excursion possibilities. The city of Catania itself is worth a visit. An excursion to Mount Etna or Taominaleaves too little time. If you decide to stay in Catania, count on 2-3 hours to explore the city and its landmarks.

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