What to do in Ancona

Visit Ancona during your cruise vacation

Ancona is a typical port town with a beautiful historic center. It owes its name to the Greek word for "arch". This refers to the shape of the shore line where Ancona originated. The early history dates back to the 4th century BC. Under the Roman Emperor Trajan, the fortifications and the port expanded. Some sites still remind of that time.

Ancona has a favorable climate and is sheltered by the hills in the north and the east of the city. These are foothills of the Colle Astagno and Colle Guasco. Because of the busy ferry connection with Croatia and Greece, the harbor area is very lively.

Strolling among the historic buildings and stately squares in the center of town, is relaxing. At the top of the hill, you have a wonderful view of the bay and the city.

Practical info

Ancona is best explored on foot. Most sights are within walking distance of the cruise port, although the road can sometimes be steep. Expect 3-4 hours to explore the city. Many cruise passengers make an excursion to the nearby Urbino. You can briefly explore Ancona on the way back.

Highlights in Ancona