The cruise port of Venice

Docking in the cruise port of Venice

The cruise port of Venice, your starting point for great excursions

Most cruise ships dock at Baciono Della Stazione Marittima, at the western end of the city. There are several piers at the Stazione Marittima, which is flanked by Tronchetto, a major parking lot for visitors to Venice by car.

Check in advance with the cruise line at which pier you will dock. They are all more or less at the same distance from the city center and its landmarks. The famous St. Mark's Square is about 3-4 kilometers from the cruise port. Cruise passengers who already were in Venice often opt for an excursion to Padua or Verona

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Cruise to Venice

Venice is often on the program during a cruise vacation in Italy. A lot of cruises also depart from Venice. This city appeals to the imagination and is beautifully located along the Eastern Mediterranean. A cruise to or from Venice is an absolute must!

Venice cruise terminal

The Port of Venice has several passenger terminals. The Marittima area includes 4 terminals:

  • terminals 103, 107/108, 117 and Isonzo 1-2 are dedicated for large cruise ships
  • terminal 123 is dedicated for ferries (between Venice and Greece)

Medium sized cruise ships will be docked at S. Basilio and Santa Marta.

Venice cruise facts

Language in Venice
The language in Venice is Italian, but on touristic spots you can also use English.

Currency in Venice
The currency in Venice is Euro (€). You can find ATM’s along the city.

Opening times in Venice
Opening times differ a lot around Italy, but generally are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday
  • from 9.00h - 13.00h
  • and 15.30h - 19.30h

On Sundays and holidays shops are closed. Of course there are exceptions.

Landmarks and highlights in Venice

Basilica of San Marco
Basilica of San Marco is a cathedral and main church of Venice. It dates from around 1060 and was dedicated to Saint Mark. It is 43 m high and belongs to one of the most beautiful basilicas in Europe.

Piazza San Marco
Piazza San Marco is the main square of Venice. On this square you will find: San Marco cathedral, bell tower Clock Tower, Correr Museum, the Archaeological Museum and others. On this square you can probably taste the most expensive coffee in Europe.

Campanile is a 98.5 meters high bell tower

Torre dell'Orologio
Tower with a big clock located at Piazza San Marco. It was designed by Mauro Codussi and built between 1496 and 1499.

Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
Big Gothic church with campanile. It was built in the 15th century.

Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute
Venetian church that dates from the 17th century and was built by the architect Baldassare Longhena

Ponte di Rialto
Ponte di Rialto is one of the oldest and best known bridges across the Grand Canal. The Bridge was built in 1591 and designed by Antonio da Ponte

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Getting around in Venice

Venice is completely pedestreanized. All transport goes over the water and many canals. From the cruise port it's still a stiff walk to the center of town. You can shorten a part of the walk by making use of the people mover. Here you can find an overview of the best transport options.

If you want to make an excursion outside Venice, the train is often the best solution.

Shore excursions around Venice

Venice appeals to the imagination and has so much to offer that one day is barely sufficient to explore this beautiful city. It is, therefore, the top- excursion for most cruise passengers.

If you already visited Venice you might opt for an excursion to the romantic Verona or the university town of Padua. Both are easily reached by train.

Weather in Venice

Venice has a humid subtropical climate with warm summers and cool winters. The average annual temperature in summer is between 25°C and 27°C and in winter is between 0°C and 5°C.

Excursions in Padua

Excursions in Verona

Excursions in Venice

Venice tourist information

The Tourist Office is located not far from St. Mark's Square, at the piers of the canal bus. You can buy a nice city map with small guidebook.

Cruises to Venice

The following cruise lines offer itineraries and schedules to Venice: