Vaporetti from Venice to Venice (city)

The best way to explore Venice is a combination of walking and the canal bus (Vaporetti). Almost any place in Venice is connected to the Vaporetti network. You can see it as a public bus or subway, but on the water.

A regular ticket costs € 7 per person and is valid until 1 hour after validation. Unfortunately, the channel bus has no stop at the cruise terminal. The nearest bus stop can be found at Piazzale Roma. You can walk there or take the People Mover. Once at Piazzale Roma you can buy a ticket at the ATV terminals.

TIP: If you plan to use the Vaporetti more often, buy a day ticket (valid 12 hours) for € 18 per person.

2 kilometer
15 minuten
€7 per persoon
3-4 per uur

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