Transportation from the port of Messina


Train from Messina to Taormina

€4 per persoon
niet elk uur
40-60 minuten

With a combination of train and public bus from Messina you can easily reach Taormina. A train ride from Messina Centrale to Taormina-Giardini costs € 4 per person (one way) and takes between 40 minutes and 1 hour. In the morning the trains run less frequent than in the afternoon. Check the train timetable before you leave.

How do I get to the train station from the cruise port in Messina?

Messina train station is situated on Piazza della Republica, within walking distance of your docking area. Walk from your cruise ship along the dock toward the ferry terminal. Just before the Stazione Marittima go right. There is the train station.

TIP: In Taormina itself is no train station. Therefore get off at Taormina-Giardini train station. Just outside the station you can take the public bus (Interbus) to the center of Taormina. The journey takes about 20 minutes and costs € 1.80 per person (one way). There run 2-3 buses per hour. Taormina center is pedestrianized. The bus park is a few minutes walk from the city center.


Taxi from Messina to Taormina

€90 per taxi
bepaal je zelf
45 minuten

Taormina is 50 km away from Messina. A taxi ride takes about 45 minutes. Expect to pay around € 90 per taxi (4 persons, one way).

Public bus

Public bus from Messina to Taormina

€4,10 per persoon
niet elk uur
105 minuten

There's a good bus connection between Messina and Taormina. The journey takes 1h45min and costs € 4.10 per person (one way). The bus (Interbus) takes you directly to the parking lot close to the center of Taormina so you don't have to change transport.

The bus stop in Messina is situated near the train station on Piazza della Repbublica within walking distance of your cruise ship. During the morning and siesta in the afternoon, the frequency of the buses is slightly lower. You can consult the Interbus timetable in advance.