Transportation from the port of Ravenna

Public bus

Public bus from the cruise port to the city center of Ravenna

€4 per persoon
1 per uur
20 minuten

A quick and easy way to get to Ravenna on your own is by public bus from Porto Corsini. Bus N° 90 takes you in 20 minutes to the center of Ravenna for € 4 per person (valid for 24h). There is 1 bus per hour between Porto Corsini and Ravenna train station, located in the city center close to all highlights.

How do I get to the N° 90 bus stop from the cruise port in Ravenna?

The N° 90 bus stop is located at the intersection of Via Po and Via Lamone at a 5-minutes walk from the cruise port. Once you have left your cruise ship follow the signs 'Tourist Info'. Via Po is the street in front of the striking building of the Guardia Costiera.

TIP: Buy you ticket in the Tabaccheria next to the bus stop. On the bus, you pay more.

Shuttle bus

Shuttle bus from the cruise port to the city center of Ravenna

enkele per uur
20 minuten

Most cruise lines provide a shuttle bus (whether or not complimentary) from the cruise port to the center of Ravenna. They take you to the Viale Farini, a boulevard that leads to the train station. This is a central location within walking distance of the highlights.

TIP: Check the price (if any) in advance, because there's a very good alternative by public bus.


Taxi from the cruise port to the city center of Ravenna

€25 per taxi
bepaal je zelf
15 minuten

The city of Ravenna is located about 12 kilometers from the cruise port in Porto Corsini. A taxi ride takes 15 minutes. Expect to pay € 25 per taxi (4 persons, one way).

TIP: If there's no taxi at the pier, go to the small Tourist information booth. They can call a taxi for you.