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The cruise port of Ravenna

Cruise ship pier location in Ravenna

The cruise port of Ravenna is located in Porto Corsini, next to Marina di Ravenna, just over 12 km from the center of Ravenna and its landmarks. It is a large and modern cruise port, which you might not immediately expect in such a small place. Porto Corsini serves as a ferry port between Italy and Croatia. There is no cruise terminal building and there is not much to do in port. Besides a small beach, there is little to see in Porto Corsini. That is why most cruise passengers depart immediately to the city of Ravenna.

Ravenna Cruise terminal

Cruise passenger terminal at Porto Corsini is currently nearing completion.

Ravenna Cruise facts

Language in Ravenna
The language in Ravenna is Italian, but in touristic spots you can use English.

Currency in Ravenna
The currency in Ravenna is Euro (€). You can find ATM’s in the city.

Opening times in Ravenna
Opening times differ a lot around Italy, but generally are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday
  • from 9.00h - 13.00h
  • and 15.30h - 19.30h

On Sundays and holidays shops are closed. Of course there are exceptions

Landmarks and highlights in Ravenna

  • Basilica di San Vitale

    Important example of Byzantine art and architecture in Western Europe. Octagonal basilica with world famous mosaics

  • Basilica di Sant'Apollinare Nuovo

    Basilica di Sant'Apollinare Nuovo is a basilica from the 6th century. It It belongs to UNESCO World Heritage List

  • Battistero degli Ariani

    Battistero degli Ariani is a baptistery of the Arians with a ceiling mosaic of John the Baptist of the Arians. It belongs to UNESCO World Heritage List

  • Battistero Neoniano

    Battistero Neoniano is a baptistry with mosaic on the ceilig dating from the 5th century. It belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List

  • Mausoleo di Galla Placidia

    Mausoleo di Galla Placidia is a mausoleum with high quality mosaics built by Roman empress Galla Palcidia. It dates from the 5th century and belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

  • Mausoleo di Teodorico

    Mausoleo di Teodorico is a tomb of Theodoric the Great. It dates from the 6th century and located just outside the city center. Mausoleo is belongs to UNESCO World Heritage List

  • Tomba di Dante

    Tomb of Dante Alighieri

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Weather in Ravenna

Ravenna has a Mediterranean climate with dry hot summers and wet mild winters. The average annual temperature in summer is between 26°C and 31°C and in winter between 3°C and 7°C

Local shore excursions in and around Ravenna

You can discover Ravenna on your own, book a shore excursion through the cruise line company or book a shore excursion from one of our partners. We offer shore excursions at local prices through local companies.

Ravenna Tourist information

The Tourist Information kiosk is located near the pier at the port of Porto Corsini

Cruises to Ravenna

The following cruise lines offer itineraries and schedules to and from Ravenna:

Azamara, MSC, Oceania, Princess, Silversea, Star Clippers, TUI

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